‘The Fight Before Bedtime’


‘Mom, can you come here?’
‘No Jimmy, please go to sleep.’
‘Mommy, there’s a monster in my room!’
‘No, there isn’t! Go to bed Jimmy!’
Jimmy Swan gulped as the monster cackled.  It was standing in front of him, blocking the bedroom door.  Jimmy’s mind raced as he looked around the room, searching for a weapon.  The monster was over seven feet tall with red skin and purple scales.  It’s four muscled arms had razor sharp claws.  Jimmy leaped onto his bed as the monster charged.  Jimmy shoulder rolled off the bed as the monster’s claws swung at him.  Jimmy reached under the bed and pulled out his baseball bat.  He brought it back and swung with all this might.  The wooden bat struck the monster across its face.  Jimmy brought it back and swung again.  The monster roared as it reached out and grabbed the bat.  The monster squeezed the bat and snapped it in half.  The monster threw both pieces at Jimmy.  Jimmy ducked as both pieces sailed over his head.  He dashed to the left and ran into his closet.  He slammed the doors shut as the monster’s fist punched right through the door.
‘Jimmy, if you do not stop that racket, I will ground you for a year!’ his mother shouted from downstairs.
     Jimmy didn’t answer back.  He had bigger problems to worry about than being grounded.  He could feel his heart race faster and faster.  Any second the monster would rip off the closet door and eat him.  Jimmy cried out as he tripped over an object.  He looked down to see a bowling pin his dad bought him last year.  The monster howled as it ripped off the closet door.  Jimmy grabbed the bowling pin.  The monster’s head came crashing through just as Jimmy raised the bowling pin and brought it down on top of the monster’s head.  The monster groaned as it staggered back.  Jimmy smashed the pin on the monster’s foot.  The monster cried out as he fell back.  Jimmy ran out of the closet as he spotted a piece of the baseball bat.  He snatched it up just as the monster grabbed his shoulder.  The monster spun Jimmy around as Jimmy stabbed the monster in the stomach.  The monster gasped.  It stood there for a few seconds then fell back.  It’s body then soon dissolved into green ooze.  Seconds later the ooze was gone.  Jimmy tossed the piece to the ground.  He sighed as he walked to a chalkboard.  He picked up a piece of chalk and added a tally.
‘Bye number 6.’ Jimmy whispered.

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