This eerie place shares character with the Dracula legends.

The Hoia Baciu Forest is located in Transylvania Romania, and is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the world. This creepy forest became world known in 1968 when biologist Alexander Sift captured a photo of what is thought to be a UFO flying over it.


The locals have considered the forest evil long before this event. Named after a shepherd who entered the forest with his flock of 200 sheep and disappeared, people that live near the forest are often scared to even enter it. Those who are brave enough to enter complain of anxiety, vomiting, migraines, burns, scratches, nausea, and other uncomfortable sensations after being in the forest just a short time.

With outlandish shaped trees and unexplainable charring on stumps, some believe this forest is a gateway to another dimension.

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Attracting ghost hunters and paranormal experts for over 50 years, the forest has become a hotspot for recordings and photographs. There have been numerous accounts of splotches of light in photographs, and accounts of a females voice in the wind.

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Most recently reports of the paranormal energy of the forest seems to be taking the form of a poltergeist. In a paranormal television series an investigator sitting in the forest was thrown to the ground by an unseen force. There is a clearing in the forest where no vegetation grows that is believed to be the hub of this activity. Sample of the soil have been taken and do not show anything that would prevent plant growth or life.


Many believe the forest is haunted by the ghosts of the Romanian peasants who were once slaughtered in the woods. Visions of tormented spirits have been observed by terrified travelers, who have also reported a feeling of being watched while traveling near the forests edge.

It is hard to ignore the fact that something strange is going on in the Hoia Baciu Forest. this eerie place shares character with the Dracula legends.

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  • Anne B
    22 December 2014 at 10:23 pm - Reply

    I can’t stop looking at those weird bendy trees…so creepy!