‘The Haunted World of CW’ to Premiere New Season

YouTube series to enter sixth season

Fans of the GG13 Collective mockumentary series ‘The Haunted World of CW’ will be excited to hear that the series will be premiering it’s sixth season on February 19th, entitled ‘Evolution.’

The new season snyposis is as follows:

“Constance Wilmenson takes over the investigations after the mysterious attack on her sister and GG13 founder Claire. With the help of reformed cult member Jessie and her younger sister, the troubled telekinetic Whisper, Constance and Co. will face their greatest menagerie of creatures, spirits, and supernatural beings yet as they seek out the terrifying truths behind paranormal phenomena and urban legends.”

Another way for fans to enjoy the series is through a new website where they can interact and participate in special fan missions.

The series can be watched for free at www.youtube.com/giallogirl13 


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