The HORROR DVDs to LOOK FORWARD to in 2016

Looking at Some of the 2016 DVD Releases to Come from the Dark Corners...

Written by Jay Kay /  

Every year on the Horror Happens Radio Show, we base our TOP picks list off of DVD releases, Redbox & Netflix within the calendar year (1/1 to 12/31) not on what was in theaters or screening at film festivals and conventions or even hitting VOD. So with that being said, we are proud to look ahead to the possible 2016 Horror DVD releases (some already out). I made sure to include releases from the underground, mainstream, indie, different sub-genres of horror, foreign and more! Why we hope all these films will be released on DVD in 2016, nothing is guaranteed. Check them out and check out the show online at and thanks to everyone for helping to create this list!

Title: 31 / Director: Rob Zombie (

Zombie’s latest entry about five carnies kidnapped to play a game called “31”. They must survive 12 hours against a legion of 70’s greasy clown style killers. Many of Zombie’s regulars return including Malcolm McDowell, Lew Temple, Ginger Lynn, Megan Foster among others.

Title: 60 Seconds to Die / Director: Various (

Brought to you from the mind of Producer Tony Newton with over seventy directors, 30 writers, a ton of producers, cast and more! The anthology tells minute long tales of death! Taking the short film anthology to an insane, visceral and tense level, each 60 second tale has a focus whether broadcasting, masks, disease, fear, food, technology and more! Independent filmmakers like James Balsamo, actor John Amples, Brian Weaver, Jay Kay, Chad Armstrong, Jeremiah Kipp, Izzy Lee, Shawn Burkett, Michael Epstein, Evan and Liam Makrogiannis, Shane Ryan and more lead this ensemble of that will scare the life out of you!

Title: American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock / Director: Marcus Koch (

Taking the AMERICAN GUINEA PIG franchise in a twisted and different direction, writer Stephen Biro and director Marcus Koch present a tale of psychological torment, experimentation and body horror. Featuring not only Koch directing a feature for the first time in five years but his makeup and FX work showcased on the patients including underground legend Dan Ellis (BBK from Gutterballs).

Title: Bag Boy Lover Boy / Director: Andres Torres (

This film follows the story of an innocent hot dog vendor turned bizarre fetish photographer while under the guidance of a sleazy photographer and subjects. BAG BOY LOVER BOY takes the idea of art and twists it against the backdrop of a modern-day exploitative New York City. This film that blew away audiences at the 2014 NEW YORK CITY HORROR FILM FESTIVAL.

Title: Baskin / Director: Can Evrenol (

Being considered as one of the scariest horror entries into 2015 film festivals circuit, this horror thriller based in Turkey surrounds a group of unsuspecting cops as they go through a trapdoor into Hell and end up the focus of a Black Mass!


Title: Be My Cat: A Film for Anne / Director: Adrian Tofei (

In a sick and twisted lover letter to actress Anne Hathaway, a filmmaker casts three local actresses to show the actress what his film is about and why she should come to Romania to be in his movie. The film turns into a sick nightmare.

Title: Before I Wake / Director: Mike Flanagan (

From one of the smartest horror directors on the scene Mike Flanagan (Absentia and Oculus), follows a young couple who adopts an orphaned boy. Once settled in, his bedtime manifests horrors why he sleeps. Led by a star-studded cast like Thomas Jane, Kate Bosworth, Annabeth Gish and Jacob Tremblay, BEFORE I WAKE continues the trend of quality and dark psychological horror stories with a visual techniques to shock and intrigue.  

Title: CCK (Cannibal Corpse Killers) / Director: Joaquin Montalvan (

From the stylish and dark storytelling mind of Joaquin Montalvan (HOLE and the Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher), comes a bleak, apocalyptic horror western taking influence from the road movies and exploitative horror cinema with a stunning visual feel and atmosphere.

Title: Clinger / Director: Michael Steves (

One of the best horror comedies in 2015! CLINGER tells an independent horror tale of love, obsession, murder and revenge as a love sick guy won’t let his first and true love go no matter whether life or death! Featuring great gags, effective practical and visual FX and a dark heart, CLINGER is that remedy to the horror meets valentines challenge.

Title: DARK / Director: Nick Basile (

Based on the 2003 New York City blackouts, director Nick Basile, producers Elias (GUT) and legendary master of horror Joe Dante craft a tale of dark psychosis surrounding a young woman whose mind and heart go off the deep end during the blackout. Nothing is as it seems as fear and paranoia grips her… Featuring the canvas of New York City as well as effective cinematography, emotional performances and cerebral horror that will keep you guessing and questioning.  


Title: Darling / Director: Mickey Keating (

My favorite film at this year’s Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival, Mickey Keating pulls influence from 1970’s stylish horror and overseas madness to create a tied in narrative about the city, a cursed mansion and the character of Darling who spirals down into fear and madness as she house sits. Presented in a stunning black and white with a score and practical FX that are scene stealing, DARLING is that next step for this talented filmmaker and a visual powerhouse for fans.

Title: Deathgasm / Director: Jason Lei Howden (

Sex, horror and metal live in this tale of hell raising that blew away audiences during its 2015 film festival screenings! Offering incredible FX work, metal badass fun, a soundtrack bred in hell and New Zealand horror humor, DEATHGASM just plain rocks!

Title: Dys- / Director: Maude Michaud (

Created by Québec, Canada filmmaker Maude Michaud, DYS- tells the story of a mysterious virus and a young couple who have to barricade themselves in their apartment so they are not infected. With a palpable tension already present between them, the real horror is cultivated from the unraveling of their minds, the endless isolation from society and a trust that becomes more fragile with each moment turning more dark and possible deadly.

Title: Emelie / Director: Michael Thelin (

Blending the home invasion style of intense horror with a children at risk foundation, director Michael Thelin caught many off guard during its film festival run with EMELIE. Pushing the line and creating some very dangerous and dark scenes, actress Sarah Bolger leads an impressive and young cast in this horror thriller that will keep you guessing.

Title: Ghostbox / Director: Mike O’Mahony (

A dark and supernatural tale from independent horror filmmaker Mike O’Mahony (A Dark Place Inside). Starring actor Chris Dalbey, the story surrounds the return of spirits and a mystery that becomes an obsession.


Title: Goosebumps / Director: Rob Letterman (

Starring Jack Black, when the creations of legendary horror author R.L. Stine comes to life in a Delaware town. The authors daughter and her friend must come together to stop the collection of infamous characters from wreaking havoc!

Title: Green Room / Director: Jeremy Saulnier (

Headed by actor Patrick Stewart, a punk rock band is playing in a secluded spot deep in the Pacific Northwest. During their visit, they become witnesses to horrific violence by a gang of skinheads and now are trying to survive. The third feature from critically acclaimed filmmaker, writer, producer Jeremy Saulnier is as tense as you will find. This has become a trademark of Saulnier’s writing and directing style. Lot of people are very interested in this release that has been screened at a variety of film festivals over 2015 and is the follow up to intense family thriller BLUE RUIN with actor Macon Blair.

Title: Grindsplotation / Director: Various (

Near 40 directors and writers create short films, faux trailers and more as a part of this anthology with directors from around the globe. Names like Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman, New York City based Evan Makrogiannis and Brian Weaver, HATE CRIME’s James Cullen Bressack, no-budget filmmaker Scarlet Fry, Boston’s Izzy Lee, horror hostess Reyna Young, MY NAME IS “A” BY ANONYMOUS director Shane Ryan, LAID TO REST actor Nick Principe among others.

Title: Hangman / Director: Adam Mason (

Returning home from vacation, a family’s home has been broken into. Moving on from the violation, there is much more than meets the eyes in this home invasion thriller.

Title: Hellions / Director: Bruce McDonald (

From the man who brought to life Tony Burgess’s PONTYPOOL comes a tale of a Halloween night gone to hell as a teenager must survive a group of trick or treaters who come knocking and want to show the horror of the holiday!


Title: Her Name was Torment 2 / Director: Dustin Mills (

Continuing the very twisted and disturbing story of the character Torment, underground filmmaker Dustin Mills brings the next chapter of this acclaimed story surrounding sexuality, torture and horror. Introducing new characters, a look into the creation of Torment and the usual disturbing visuals from one of the best filmmakers on the independent scene.

Title: House of Manson / Director: Brandon Slagle (

In the days leading up to the infamous Manson family murders, see the darker and manipulative side of Charles Manson and the influence he had on those all around him.

Title: In Memory of… / Director: Eric Stanze (

Coming from the mind of the disturbing underground story of torture and captivity SCRAPEBOOK and the intense blood soaked crime thriller RATLINE, is the next film from Wicked Pixel Cinema and legendary underground filmmaker Eric Stanze. Escaping a horrifying and blood soaked experiment without her childhood memories, a young woman tracks down a mysterious stranger that may help her become mentally whole by returning her memories and stopping those who would profit from her damaged mind.

Title: Interior / Director: Zachary Beckler (

The debut feature from Zachary Beckler and a very well received supernatural film this year revolves around a tale of mystery in an unfamiliar and ordinary haunted location. One man is tasked to record a haunting over one night however things begin to show up on his camera that he has not documented. As the night progresses, evil manifests and horror moves into a more personal level of family, belief, fear and acceptance as a man records the terrors that cannot be explained.

Title: JeruZalem / Director: Doron & Yoav Paz (

On vacation in the city of Jerusalem, a young American couple faces the biblical sense of horror in Israel.


Title: Killer Waves / Director: James Balsamo (

Continuing his insane body of film work with more boobs, gore, blood, action and kills, filmmaker James Balsamo returns this time hitting the waves and bringing a twisted take on the slasher genre and surfing like never before.

Title: Landmine Goes Click / Director: Levan Bakhia (

Perhaps one of the most tense and talked about films coming to DVD in 2016, this story surrounds three American tourists traveling through desolated landscape of European Georgia. One of the tourists step on an armed landmine which leaves him helpless as he watches his girlfriend be brutally assaulted by the psychotic locals.

Title: Most Likely to Die / Anthony DiBlasi (

From filmmaker Anthony DiBlasi, the director of 2015’s the LAST SHIFT comes a film about a ten year reunion of a group of former classmates. During the party, members of the class are murdered mysteriously. Each murder is influenced by their senior yearbook superlative.

Title: Nina Forever / Director: Ben & Chris Blaine (

One of the most well received horror/comedy film festival staples revolves around a love triangle of death, attempted suicide, relationships and sarcasm. In NINA FOREVER, a boy finds love with girl, that girl dies tragically. So boy attempts suicide only to find a new love with another girl who helps him through. However, the old and dead love come back to torment… during sex.

Title: Pretty Fine Things / Director: Ryan Scott Weber (

The latest entry from New Jersey based Weber Pictures revolves around a trio of college girls getting away for the weekend from school. They rent the infamous Banner house, which holds a dark past and secrets within a trio of brothers also returning to their home to play.


Title: Scherzo Diabolico / Director: Adrian Garcia Bogliano (

From the director of LATE PHASES, comes the latest film that focuses on a man who has had his share of disappointments including disrespect from his wife, family, boss and more. With an insidious plan to kidnap and hold his bosses daughter for ransom, this accountant moves up in the business world, gains control of his life and enjoys the pleasures of his evil. However in the process, roles are reversed in one of the most twisted and smart revenge stories.

Title: She Kills / Director: Ron Bonk (

An homage to the 1970’s grindhouse and exploitation films, SHE KILLS follows a young woman who is out for revenge against a group named “The Touchers”. This gang has killed her husband, sexually assaulted her and much more. As she goes on this journey of humor and horror, she must deal with her demonically possessed lady parts that may hold a special power and/or gift. SHE KILLS has gross gags, inappropriate content and over the top performances all coming together in this twisted coming of age story from a master of modern indie cinema.

Title: Synchronicity / Director: Jacob Gentry (

In this sci-fi, noir thriller from the mind behind the critically acclaimed THE SIGNAL, comes the tale of an inventor who creates a time machine, which brings a dahlia back from the future. Proving that his machine works, he goes in search for the match to the dahlia only to find a web of passion, deceit and a scary truth about the femme fatale who may be after his creation and why?

Title: Tag / Director: Sion Sono (

High school is hell for most… Celebrated and acclaimed film maker Sion Sono creates another journey into madness, blood and unique characters with TAG. When a high school girl loses her grip on who she is and the world around her due to the deaths of those connected in her life, things turn into horror, mayhem and create visual nightmares in the Sono tradition! 

Title: The Boy / Director: Craig William Macneill (

A disturbing film about the development of a nine year old boy who is fascinated with death. A talented cast including David Morse, Bill Sage, Mike Vogel and Rainn Wilson.


Title: The Demolisher / Director: Gabriel Carrer (

THE DEMOLISHER tells the tale of a man dealing with the guilt of his handicapped wife and the collapsing of his fragile mind. Channeling through extreme violence and vigilant justice, we see an unapologetic and stylish profile of a man on the edge heading deeper into the hell inside him as well as the pain he inflicts on those he deems guilty.  

Title: The Green Inferno / Director: Eli Roth (

No good deed goes unpunished…After traveling to Peru to protest the destruction of the Amazon rain forests and stopping timber companies, the flight home turns to terror as the plane explodes leaving the group stranded. As the group finds their way through the Amazon, they are abducted, brutalized and taken into hell by the local tribe of Indians who are also cannibals. 

Title: The Hallow / Director: Corin Hardy (

Consider by many fans to be one of the most frightening films in 2015, THE HALLOW shows nature at possibly its most terrifying. A family moves into a mill house on a remote part of Ireland. As they build a life, they must survive demonic creatures within the woods around them.

Title: The Hexecutioners / Director: Jesse Thomas Cook (

Written by PONTYPOOL author Tony Burgess, two women who perform euthanasia for a living are called out assignment. Heading to a remote estate, the pair of woman assist in a suicide but end up summoning a death cult that at one point consumed the estate in a terrifying way.

Title: The Mind’s Eye / Director: Joe Begos (

In this return to 1980’s thriller based horror, ALMOST HUMAN filmmaker Joe Begos offers an action and visual packed story about psychic who is captured and put into a facility to control his powers. As he searches for his captive girlfriend within the facility, he must deal with the evil minds behind the abductions and his terrifying powers.


Title: The Witch / Director: Robert Eggers (

A portrait of evil, paranoia and fear is focused around a family in 1630’s New England. In an impassable wilderness, a family is torn apart after their son vanishes, their crops fail and the aspect of witchcraft takes over a very religious community. Once the suspicion and terror set in, the evil consumes, possesses and creates a terrifying story. Many consider this also to be one of the most impactful and frightening films of the year.

Title: The World of Kamako / Director: Tetsuya Nakashima (

From Japan, a stylish crime drama and horror narrative come together as a father searches for his picture perfect daughter after being reported missing from school. With her room untouched and very few clues, her father investigates the whereabouts of her, discovering the secrets of his daughter’s private life. Will the father find his daughter, keep the image of his perfect alive or will they not survive the dark secrets.  

Title: They Look Like People / Director: Perry Blackshear (

This simple and effective dark thriller focuses on a man who receives a message one day that evil creatures may be in disguise as the very people he loves and cares about in his daily life. With each call from this mysterious voice preparing him and the invasion supposedly drawing near, will he trust his mind and the world around him or give into the paranoia and fear he sees to fight for survival.

Title: The Visit / Director: M. Night Shyamalan (

While a single mother goes away on a vacation with her boyfriend, a pair of siblings spend the week with their grandparents. During that time, the pair film a documentary to reconnect everyone. As the camera roles and the visit commences, a dark secret is revealed that will change things.

Title: Turbo Kid / Director: Francois Simard, Anouk & Yoann-Karl Whissell (

As a comic book fan becomes his favorite hero, he must search in a vast post-apocalyptic wasteland battling an evil tyrant with his female close friend. Through the challenges, lessons and battles, he will become the hero he is destined to be, in this sci-fi action film fest favorite!

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