The Human Centipede Part 3: One Big Middle Finger

Tom Six's latest looks to offend, but for what purpose?

Say whatever you will about the first Human Centipede, but it was original. Personally, as a fan of the extreme, I actually found it a bit tame (the infamous poop eating scene is largely concealed by bandages), but, by and large, it was a successful film. Dieter Lieser played a superb Nazi mad scientist, and the other actors, well one couldn’t speak English, and the other two had their mouths surgically attached to an asshole.  The ending was actually one of the best parts of the film, a woefully dark scene where Lindsay is left hopelessly trapped between the other 2 deceased segments, with no hope of escape.

The Human Centipede Part 3 ends with Dieter Lieser nude, dancing wildly and masturbating while looking at his new, 500 person centipede that includes the likes of Deebo from the Friday films and porn star Brea Olson. See any difference? Where First Sequence was every bit a horror film, albeit a nasty one with a premise that went further than most, Final Sequence is a grotesque parody of itself. Testicles are torn off, only to be cooked and eaten, dried women parts are used for “strength supplements” and every racist, sexist, filthy slur imaginable is yelled out, stuff that’d make a Klan’s-Member blush.

Perhaps the best example of Final Sequences incompetence can displayed by writer/director Tom Six. A big man with cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat who has claimed in interviews to much political correctness gives him a rash (having seen his work, I can assure you his skin is baby smooth) Six implants himself in his own story in a scene more self-stroking than a door room of adolescent boys with their grand pappy’s collection of vintage play boys. Lines like “Your even Handsomer in person” do nothing but serve to prove my point.


(Writer/Director Tom Six in what I’m sure he thinks is a seductive pose)

And in the end that’s all that Human Centipede Part 3 is, a big cocky, arrogant mess, 2 big middle fingers pointed straight up in the air. Who their directed at is the real question. Some candidates include women, African Americans, Texans, people with good tastes in entertainment; but when it comes down to it,  I don’t think Tom Six knows who he is flipping off.

“What are You Rebelling against Johnny?” “Whaddya got?” This famous line is delivered by Marlon Brando in The Wild One. It’s a perfect characterization of Johnny Strabler, delivered perfectly in a mere 2 words. It’s a heartbreakingly sad declaration, because of the meaningless anger that fuels Johnny as a character, that it doesn’t matter who he’s rebelling against, or for what cause, just that the rebellion is there.

Six is exactly the same in The Final Sequence, showcasing a plethora of extreme and offsetting scenes, but with no real purpose or reasoning to connect them. Like the 4th grader who eats worms, he doesn’t care what he accomplishes, much less making a good film, just to degrade, disgust, and be as 100% politically incorrect as possible. In that perhaps, he succeeds, but everything else is one colossal failure. “Who are you trying to offend Tommy?” “Who do ya got?”

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  • jackmeat
    15 June 2015 at 7:23 pm - Reply

    My review for my database
    “My quick rating – 4,1/10. Don’t listen to any nonsense about how violent/gore filled this is. It just isn’t. The movie leads itself to being a sequel within a new movie premise taken a step further from how part 2 was to 1. Kudos to Tom Six for making sequels that don’t follow the traditional role, but smack him at the same time for being so pretentious to think a film fan won’t see right through his arrogance. Multiple scenes of what Tom considers humor point this out entirely by being long, drawn out scenes with Deiter Laser (Bill Boss) acting like a complete jackass overacting a joke to the point that would make Jim Carrey cringe. Basically the story in a nutshell (about all you need) is a deranged prison warden (Laser) decides at his last straw to use the ideas from the Human Centipede movies to punish criminals and deter further offenders to ever break the law. This revelation is made when the governor (played by, wait for it, Eric Roberts) gives Boss 2 weeks to get his prison in order. What better way then take all the prisoners and sew them ass to mouth together, right? Anyway, back to the gore, a scene or two MAY have been considered “gross” years ago, but there is nothing to raw at all. Some of the humor is quite funny in a very dark way (his idea of health food is one of them) but the overshadowing of the poor acting is a deterrent (in other words, yes, it is a b-budget movie BUT it was so painfully obvious the actors were purposely acting bad to become a b-budget movie) So again the numbnut,Tom Six, thinks he is outsmarting the audience with this backasswards attempt at laughs. These laughs tend to come more from suggestion and the cheesy attempt at being an exploitative film(women should love a secretary named “Tits”) All and all, it has the pros but is to outweighed by the cons. Good news, it was only supposed to be a trilogy, so we may be spared of another one.”