The Itsy Bitsy Spider Chased this Family Out of their House

Need some nightmare fuel, arachnophobes?

What has 8 legs and “bleeds out of the walls”? Spiders! Thousands upon thousands of deadly brown recluses have chased a couple out of their $450,000 St. Louis home.

Brian and Susan Trost moved into the home in October of 2007 and immediately noticed the spider infestation. The spiders were brown recluses, one of the deadliest species in North America.

The infestation led the Trosts to file an insurance claim and a lawsuit in 2008 against the prior owners for the nondisclosure of the venomous tenants already on site. The case went to trial in 2011 and Professor Jamel Sandidge, one of the nation’s leading experts on brown recluses (I bet that honor works great as a pick-up line), estimated there to be between 4500 and 6000 of the deadly arachnids in the domicile.

The Trosts won the lawsuit to the tune of $472k only to see the former owners declare bankruptcy and the insurance company yet to send a check. They finally moved out of the home in 2012.

The house now belongs to the Federal National Mortgage Association and is being covered in tarps in preparation for gassing. Says Tim McCarthy, president of the company behind this extermination venture, “There’ll be nothing alive in there after this.” However, it is this writer’s opinion that, having survived the last two extermination attempts, the spiders will only become more powerful from the gas, liking growing to the size of labradors and menacing the countryside forcing the National Guard to take action.

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