The Many Faces of Misty Mundae

In her sphere, Misty Mundae is a star. She is the object of a zealous cult following of both men and women, all of whose brains are bursting with...

In her sphere, Misty Mundae is a star. She is the object of a zealous cult following of both men and women, all of whose brains are bursting with sizzling fantasies about the star who somehow embodies both the approachable girl next door AND a waifish sex goddess. Misty Mundae has a HUGE catalog of erotic cinema spread across a diverse range of subgenres, from silly yet sexy sexy oh so sexy spoofs that offer ribald, raunchy riffs on popular mainstream fare, to dark psycho-sexual confrontations with the swirling sexual shadow within. Mundae’s filmography ranges from satirizing and parodying said pop culture, particularly its cinematic realm. Analyzing the appeal of this sultry star would fill an entire essay on its own. Since this is a partial – hardly comprehensive, believe me – retrospective of her films, I can’t devote the entirety of this article on the wonderful, wow-making eye-popper of an indie film star, but I can’t pass it by entirely.

So what is her appeal, exactly? I don’t think it’s something that can be narrowed down to a mere factor list. Misty Mundae represents a convergence of qualities that are the spontaneously manifested ingredients of the cosmos’ recipe for elven beauty embodied. Well, one recipe, anyway, as there are other elfish nymphs bringing the beauty of femininity into the world. One thing about Misty is this: Her distinctive looks grab viewers; she is a singularly striking lady. Slender, lithe and, as noted, elfen, soft and supple, blessed with hypnotic eyes, Mundae has won hearts and broken them, and seduced willing viewers, male and female, with her captivating style. As with the discussion of her overall appeal, the same is true of this specific aspect of her allure: It’s no individual item on her list of fine physical traits. It’s the magical alignment of all of them together, forging a stunning and one-of-a-kind looker.

But beyond physical beauty are other elements of attraction that must be considered. This is a woman who can be almost childlike and demure but also take on the seductive charms of a dominant femme fatale. Her onscreen persona is a mesmerizing blend of vulnerability and fierce strength; she singlehandedly embodies multiple female archetypes very desirous to behold. Mundae is blessed with a certain kind of versatility. Her spectrum from babe in the woods to badass in bed makes her many men’s – yes, and women’s – fantasy girl.

Misty’s distinctive and varied talents make her strong competition as one of the greatest erotic and horror actresses in the modern indie scene. She’s just as comfortable expressing fear and fright as she is commanding sexual energy. Not infrequently her career has called upon her to fuse the two into a single, sharp performance.

But there is still more to this actress. Her comedic talents are not to be scoffed at. Her erotica movies span the gap from dark and serious to bright and frolicking. Beyond her work in gritty, depressive sexually themed cinema and blood and breasts erotic horror is the sort of sexy spoofs (and other comedic sex romps) she, Seduction Cinema, and the Seduction stable helped to make popular late night cable and video fare. Play-Mate of the Apes (see below) was even adapted to comic book form!

The question of doing a retrospective on Misty, even a (relatively) brief one such as this, is seemingly daunting. Where does a writer even begin the quest to write such a beast? With a rich, diverse and quite lengthy catalog, Mundae has a huge filmography from which to choose in order to cover her career. It’s a huge output and not easily narrowed down. (I practically closed my eyes and threw darts to tap a sampling of Misty Mundae titles for this write-up.) If she did but one type of film it might be easier to weed out a few representative pieces. Even then with this above-mentioned prodigious output it might be difficult to filter it down to a few. But how do you do a representative retrospective of someone whose career has been relatively multi-faceted and whose canon is so eclectic? Clearly, you select a few of different styles and hold those up as examples. But there are so MANY!

Whittling it down may be hard, but there are a few packs of Misty Mundae goodies available through that would offer a writer – say, me – a reasonably compact but still somewhat thorough way to at least represent the sort of varied career Mundae has had in independent cinema. She’s certainly one of the most recognizable faces in her industry. And there are a ton of titles with her fetching face on the cover and in the film. In the end I tried to select a few that at least demonstrated her diversity, even if the grouping with which I ended up is hardly comprehensive. At least it shows off her ability to do dark as well as be bouncy. Grinning and grim both made the cut here and sexy-funny plus scary hot are each represented.

Misty is very, VERY well known for her work in erotic parodies. It is arguably the genre for which she is most famous and the genre certainly owes a huge debt of gratitude for her. If not for Misty’s shining presence in some of these, they might not have garnered as much notice (though of course the presence of her fellow attractive actresses cannot be ignored). Her influence has spread fairly far and wide for an indie actress whose celebrity is so closely acquainted with the world of erotica. She’s become a significant figure in both the grown-up video market as well as the late night world of cable, where such looming examples of lunatic nude laughs as PLAY-MATE OF THE APES have taken on a life of their own. That one, a softcore parody of Planet of the Apes, is packed with zany energy and gags so over-the-top your jaw just may come unhinged. The very concept of the source material is a playground for the re-arranging parodist. Kooky antics unfold, including monkey costume shenanigans (OF COURSE!). That alone doesn’t win awards for attention-getting, but when you combine all this lowbrow lunacy with sexy skin … it becomes a whole different story. There are insane scenes within this film that will leave you either gaping with dropped jaw or clutching your abdomen as you wheeze laughter on the floor. Or, you may end up clutching something else at times given the abundance of bodacious beauty on display in this comedic sex parody. Needless to say, Mundae acquits herself with charm and allure, as always. Her personality shows off both its sexuality and her sense of humor. To make you drop dead guffawing at outrageous camp antics while also keeping your interest, er, aroused speaks volumes for Misty’s compelling nature.

If playing with Apes isn’t enough, there are three more movies available in the SEDUCTION CINEMA LATE-NITE TV SEXY-SPOOF COLLECTION, which boasts four films on a pair of discs. This offers a fairly thorough sampling of Misty’s population of erotic satires (ahem), showing off her work in these playful jabs at more mainstream fare. There are gobs more, to be sure, but this is at least something resembling a representative sampling of the goofy grab-assing (and ass-tapping) on tap, ahem, in the generous assortment of Seduction Cinema sexy spoofs.

LORD OF THE G-STRINGS takes the mighty J. R. R. Tolkien to new levels (some might say lows, but fuck ‘em). From fantasy to insanity – that could be the tagline for this funny fuck-fest. I mean, it’s enough of a gas watching folks LARP about in low-rent fantasy garb, taking the whole idea of bedroom role-playing to whole new wacky heights. It’s like a bunch of surprisingly sexy nerds – groovy geeks with gazoombas – decided to take their role-playing way too seriously, this right after downing a bunch of Spanish Fly. Tolkien spins in his grave as this parody makes us forget Peter Jackson since our peters (and pussies, ladies) are busy paying attention to Misty and her pals frolic in sword and sandals regalia. And, of course, sometimes NO regalia. Even sandals. Not that anybody’s complaining. If they are, one must be forced to ask why the hell they’re watching the damn thing to begin with.

Anyway, more of such antics are amply present (and ample is definitely the right word, if you get my drift) in the rip-roaring riff on Ridley Scott, GLADIATOR EROTICVS, complete with a V for a U in the thoroughly amusing title. More armor and swords, said armor all for shucking in prep for fucking in this softcore spin on the big-budget Russell Crowe action epic. Sort of like lingerie was made to be removed. Same is true with armory stuff in this fuck flick of funny proportions. And this time the swords, and sandals, too, are ripping on historical movies rather than fantasy films. While this Mundae flick isn’t three hours long, something else might be longer by the time this is over. Soaking up the radiant beauty coming off the screen like microwaves or something or other leaves one warmed, indeed, witnessing history run amok in this tweak on Roman hedonism. Wouldn’t be a grown-up movie without hedonism, could it? So ancient Rome is kind of a great platform for cinematic sexing it up.

The superhero isn’t safe from spoofing either. In the mainstream version, it was Spider-MAN but here it’s a SPIDERBABE. Ms. Mundae is certainly more attractive than Mr. Peter Parker. Misty takes on the role of a decidedly more sexualized superhero – make that superheroine? – as a girl-power-potent babe, indeed, costumed (and uncostumed) and ready to save the day and make some lucky lovers happy in the process. A famous scene from the big screen original is jabbed at brilliantly in a hanging upside-down fellatio sequence. One of the highlights of this sexy web “swinger.” And swing it does, right through your reveling id.

This super fun batch of prurient parodies wonderfully exhibit Misty’s sparkly sense of fun. She can be silly and sexy at the same time, making us laugh and lust all at once. Seduction Cinema is known for its “sexy spoofs” and Misty Mundae is easily one of the most popular actresses in the studio’s successful string of funny-sexy movies.

If you wish to see something slightly more serious, then check out the sexy horror duo on tap in the EROTIC VAMPIRE IN PARIS collection. Naturally, the titular film is included, and it boasts Misty doing what makes millions of erotic horror fans happy – lesbian vampire stuff. What starts innocuously enough – a charming American girl bursting with curiosity (and naivete) meets a more worldly wise Parisian, and their relationship blossoms – ends diabolically. It could be the plot of a romance movie but it turns into the tale of love and vampirism gone south. As in right to hell (not literally). Vampyric ecstasy ensues as the innocent human enters the rabbit hole of vampirism and lesbianism. It’s a dizzying affair. All is well and euphoric until danger intrudes. The tenuous relationship threatens to implode when events conspire to destroy the couple. And bloodlust may override love as the vampire’s nature rises to the fore. The fact that lust excites vampiric tendencies doesn’t help. In EROTIC WEREWOLF IN LONDON, included in this package, a similar dilemma exists. Starting with a premise similar to it source material, an American, this time a girl played by Misty, gets ye old wolf bite and turns lycan. Problem is, the trigger is more sexual arousal than full moon so she fears that fucking will bring about the change and that her lovers will become her meals. Besides the suspense of that plot and the associated horror eroticism, there are the strange changes. It’s weird to see Misty Mundae in werewolf regalia and that sight alone is worth the price of admission. Besides the inclusion of these films, a bonus third flick, PURGATORY BLUES, gives you a chance to check out other members of the Seduction Cinema stable while enjoying Misty in a co-starring role.

Misty is also talented behind the camera, as exhibited by her delirious remake of LUSTFUL ADDICTION, originally a 1969 Nick Philips film. The movie, which also stars Misty, centers around a hedonic young woman whose life is on the brink of a downward spiral. Deluged in sex and drugs, Misty leads a vapid life of destructive pleasure, moving from one place and lover to the next, leaving behind a trail of emotional damage while setting up a future of the same. In this heated fever of drug and desire, chemical fueled encounters of wicked lust and sweating sex abounds. But the tipping point in the rush for a cliff is the arrival of a revenge-minded drug dealer and his arsenal of goodies. Misty’s own dark urges propel her toward the void. This shadowy tale of tenebrous erotica and psychological fear is gathered into a three-fer package with another DVD directed by Misty Mundae. One of its companions in this curious three-pack is a short film and something of an arthouse piece. The brief but potent VOODOUN BLUES involves a woman scorned and her use of grim black magic to wreak revenge upon he who wronged her. She strikes with evil ritual and hallucinatory, hellish visitations of bleak visions upon her victim as she drives him to despair and terror. It’ll teach a man to piss her off – unless he’s looking for some interesting arthouse cinema, in which case he may piss her off on purpose! The final piece of this 3-DVD set is another example of Misty’s proclivity for funny sexy movies. It’s sort of an odd companion to the other two but that just makes for a package of diversity and one that represents Misty’s career style in a nutshell. DR. JEKYLL & MISTRESS HYDE is exactly what it seems, as Misty ends up entangled in the dangers of Julian Wells’ role as a woman scientist gone down the bad path with her new formula. The title tells you what happens – a shy, mousy scientist becomes a murderous sex vixen. Look out, Misty! And look out, viewers – for this DVD! If you dig the previously mentioned LATE-NITE set, this movie will be right down your alley. It’s a mix of sex, laughs and death.

Finally, just to round out this small retrospective, dive in to GIRL SEDUCTION, four fabulous fucking hours of short films starring this nymphet. It’s a mondo marathon of Misty sexiness. These rare shorts really fill in some spaces between her full-length feature films and allow us to see a young and sexy Misty Mundae in full bloom, in full possession of her charms. And what charms they are! Four hours of these varied and stimulating shorts are apt to make one long ……..

Misty Mundae is an amazing presence in the erotic and horror film world. She has won over the hearts (and other bits) of men – and women – all over. Her appeal to both hetero and homosexual desires and her mix of vixen and girl-next-door depict what a layered onscreen personality she has and the mass appeal she possesses. Misty Mundae is a worthy focus of obsession for any fan of sexual cinema, or the horror stuff, for that matter. The path I’ve taken here to chart her career is but one combination of titles to explore. There are so many movies available starring this lovely woman that all sorts of mix-and-match sample filmographies could be made. So go pick these up or build your own cinematic history of Misty Mundae!

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