aka The Changer

DIRECTOR: Mark Nowicki

CAST: Carl Zschering, Edward Tanner, Laura Cummings

3 Knives

PLOT: Perv magically makes himself appear to be a teen girl … so he can hang out with teen girls … and do other things to teen girls … besides sex …


THE NOSTRIL PICKER, aka THE CHANGER, is a fairly original horror film and better than picky viewers might expect from what appears to be a SOV pic from the early 90s, though it feels very 80s. Maybe it was shot in the 80s and there was a delay until release? I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. SOV horror fans will enjoy a plot that is actually fresh even lo these many years later. A poor, pervy fuck learns how to make himself appear to others in whatever fashion he desires. What he desires is to pose as a teen girl so he can start school and hang out with the high school ladies. This leads to some hilarious sequences of the creep – whom the viewer sees in his true, pervy form – juxtaposed with his teen female “peers”. A number of sight gags in a montage sequence make for a nice high point early in the film. Once the creep settles in to his new life, he finds himself overwhelmed with a killing urge. Apparently when he slips into madman mode, he reverts to his true form. His victims see him as a him – and an older him at that – when he attacks. Blood-spattered humor works pretty well, with the killer hanging out with his gal pals, killing his gal pals, having visions of his dead gal pals, chasing a tranny hooker …. THE NOSTRIL PICKER boasts a cool concept, low budget gore and a good sense of humor. It’s a shoe-in for fans of SOV horror and any indie fright film aficionado looking for something a bit fresh – even if this does hail from the early 90s.


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