Exclusive interview with co-host Jessica Feeney.

Recently I caught up with Jessica Feeney. A horror advocate who co-hosts a fun Podcast The Resurrection of Zombie 7.


Matthew: I am a big fan of your Podcast, many of our readers here at are as well. How did you get involved in horror Podcasting?

Jessica: Two years ago I started listening to a horror Podcast called the Resurrection of Zombie 7. At the time the show was comprised of two Indiana boys, Ron and Hammer, who took an hour a week to discuss the movies of horror franchises. The guys made me laugh hysterically, I began sending them feedback on Facebook and via email. They were always quick to respond and made it clear they appreciated their listeners. One day they announced that Hammer was leaving the show, I emailed Ron immediately offering to guest host while he looked for a permanent host. The rest is history!

Matthew: What I love about your Podcast is the discussion of older horror franchises. What are some of your early horror influences?

Jessica: I cannot recall the first horror movie I ever watched. I do know my mother read the Exorsist while pregnant with me. I can’t remember not liking horror movies. I checked out horror books from the library and watched anything scary I could. I was only allowed to watch Saturday monster movies till I was about 13. The stuff from the 30s up to the 60s, then I found a friend with a VCR whose mom didn’t give a shit what we watched.

Matthew: Your Podcast is also very funny and sets it apart from other ones out there. How many listeners do you have?

Jessica: We usually get 1000-1500 downloads a month. Ron is the anchor of the show, we have a special kind of magic and chemistry. It would not be as much fun to record with anyone else. We are all about having fun, making people laugh, and discussing old horror movies like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Matthew: What do you think is the future of horror franchises?

Jessica: That’s a difficult question. I am not sure they exist in the same way they used to. Since Freddy, Jason, and Michael there hasn’t been much in the way of horror icons. Perhaps Jigsaw, but there is more than one person behind the mask so I’m not sure that is comparable. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Matthew: Are your film reviews and horror blogs generating activity on the website Do you have any horror groups on Facebook?

Jessica: Yes, both my horror blog and the horror toy blog have readership. Ron manages the site, I have a group on Facebook called Little Miss Horror Nerd’s News and Reviews.

Matthew: Thank you for taking the time to share with us. Good luck to you and Ron with your Podcast. Is there anything you would like to say to TheBlood-Shed community and to all horror fans?

Jessica: The Podcast and blog are worth checking out. Our show is both light and fun, and we have a unique perspective on horror films. You may discover something new in horror, or just laugh your ass off.

You can download The Resurrection of Zombie 7 Podcast and read Jessica’s reviews and blogs at

You can follow her on Twitter @MissHorrorNerd

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