The Top 5 Zombie Video Games

Does Your Favorite Game Make the list

Zombies are more popular today than ever before! They have taken over cinema, classic books, 5K races, weddings, amusement parks and of course, Video Games. Today we are going to list the top 5 Zombie Games (and a few honorable mentions).
Before we start let’s give a quick honorable mention to a game with a fantastic zombie themed DLC.





This DLC was one of my favorite expansions of all time. Not only did it add a brand new single player story, it also added a variety of multiplayer modes and customizable options for your multiplayer avatar. The whole world is zombified so expect to see zombie Bears and Birds. Your trusty stead also turns into blazing creature of the night was awesome!
If you own Red Dead Redemption buy this expansion NOW!







Pop Cap Games’ Plants vs. Zombies definitely deserves a spot on this list. What may seem like a childhood game, actually has a little something for everyone. The original one is a basic tower defense game while the latest one is third person shooter. Each title comes out things get crazier and crazier. The story is basically zombies want your brain and plants want to help defend you. So from weird punching cabbages, disco dancing zombies, and dolphin guns this is a fun zombie adventure game for everyone.













From Deep Silver comes a Zombie RPG like no other. When the game was first revealed the trailer became an instant sensation because it pulled a Memento. When the game came out, well it was alright (quite a bit of bugs and a so so story) but it definitely delivered with zombies. You pick from four different characters and you go about the game killing zombies and doing missions on this tropical apocalypse. There are plenty of weapons to find and modifications to create like flaming swords or electric machetes. You can even chop off different limbs of the zombies, so cutting off their feels ever so satisfying.












The latest Dead Rising installment is by far the best in the series. With more zombies on-screen than ever before and hundreds of weapons to find and create this is a great hack and slash game for all zombie lovers. The story itself picks up after the 2nd title but you don’t need to play it in order to understand this title. All you need to know is zombies are taking over a city and the military is about to blow it up with you in it. Other then that you fight insanely crazy bosses and kill thousands of zombies in any way possible.


2. Resident Evil 4








Of course a zombie list wouldn’t be complete unless there is a mention of the Umbrella corporation. One of the highest ranked Resident Evils in the franchise is Resident Evil 4. This game didn’t use traditional zombies like previous games. Instead they used parasites to turn human hosts into zombies. This game did not play like the other Resident Evils, instead it was a third person over the shoulder shooter. RE4 brought in a lot of quick time events that many games used after the launch of this title. The story is solid and some of the previous games characters return like Leon and Ada. There are a bunch of moments that make you jump out of your skin and have some really disturbing creatures but it makes this game all so perfect.
Honorable Mention
The Walking Dead Season 1






From Telltale games comes The Walking Dead, not your typical adventure game but definitely something new and fun. There are 5 episodes to play through and each one gets more insane than the previous one. The game follows a set of choices and actions which will follow you through to the end of the season. So you can have a completely different experience than myself. It does have a point and click feel and feels ever so right for this game. The story will suck you in just as much as the show does. Telltale says they will be releasing a new season each year. So be prepared and don’t open the door, DEAD INSIDE!

1. Left 4 Dead








Left 4 Dead is cooperative from Valve studios. There is no real story except zombies are about and you play as one of four characters. You travel from check point to check point killing zombies and zombie bosses in some pretty creepy environments. Like an old hospital or a town in order to get to the evacuation point. A unique feature in this game is that Valve made it so the game will never play the same way twice. It will always be different! So be ready to take on zombies with a friend or three and kill the walking dead. 


Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad






Surely a game with girls in bikinis, swords, and zombies can’t be that bad, right? WRONG! This is by far one of the worst titles I have ever played and can not be taken out of my mind. You think “Oh hot chicks slicing up that dead meat, yeah buddy!” NO! You play the game and it looks like something out of the PS2. The story has no redeeming qualities and the girls look good in a few cutscenes but not enough to keep it consistent. This is not acceptable to gamers or zombie fans and if you buy this title you are part of the problem with society.

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