‘The Walking Dead’ TV Recap

S5E2: 'Strangers'


The battle is over.  Rick and the survivors have survived the escape from Terminus.  They’re on the road, looking for a safe place.  Everyone is glad to be back with their friends and loved ones.  Tyreese suggests to Carol that no one  needs to know what happened in the past.  He’s just happy to take care of Judith.  The survivors have no clear destination.  For now, they’re just happy to be reunited.


As the group explores, they hear cries for help.  Rick is reluctant, fearing a trap.  Carl urges Rick to help because he believes there are good people out there.  Rick and his people rush on to find a black priest, Gabriel, about to be attacked by walkers.


After being saved, Gabriel is thankful for the assistance.  Rick, distrustful of strangers due to the people of Terminus, isn’t ready to trust Gabriel.  As a token of good will, Gabriel takes them to his church.  It seems peaceful enough.  Everyone scouts outside while Rick checks out the church.  It’s safe and the survivors take a moment to catch their breath.  Abraham suggests they get going to D.C.  But everyone else wants to wait and see what Rick decides.

Gabriel confides in Rick that he’s been at the church since everything changed.  He’s been surviving off canned goods.  He reveals there’s a food bank nearby.  Gabriel doesn’t want to go back seeing as how it’s over run with walkers.  Rick thinks they can handle them.  A team is formed with Michonne, Rick, Bob, Sasha and Gabriel.  They discover the food bank’s basement is flooded and has a slight walker problem.


The walkers are easily dispatched.  Bob is pulled down but is saved by Michonne.  The group loads up on supplies and they head back.  The night is one of joy.  Abraham gives a toast in which he praises everyone and offers to take them to D.C.  Rick and Judith seem eager, so does everyone else.  The night takes a sour turn as Daryl finds Carol scavenging near a car.  He soon sees the car that took Beth.  He and Carol give pursuit.  Meanwhile, Bob leaves the party, distraught.  He breaks down to cry, but is soon knocked out.  He comes to and sees Gareth.  He reveals to Bob that they must pay for taking his home.  The time for safety and celebration is over.  There is more danger coming soon.


A good follow up to last week’s episode.  It didn’t have the intense action, but still a good one. Although it didn’t show it, I think Bob got bit by the walker that pulled him under water.  Gareth and his people will be going after Rick soon enough.   I’m sure Rick and the others will have no problem defending themselves.  I hope Daryl finds Beth.  And when he does, he better make her captives pay.

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