‘The Walking Dead’ TV Recap

S5E6: 'Consumed'

Carol takes a moment to reflect on the past.  Rick asked her to leave after learning the truth about what she did back at the prison.  Carol was terrified to be on her own.  However, by being on her own, it made her strong enough to help the others escape Terminus.  Now, she’ll need that strength again to help find Beth.


Carol and Daryl are able to follow Beth’s captors.  They follow them into the city.   They’re low on gas, but they need to be careful.  If the captors spot Carol and Daryl, they’ll lose Beth for good.  The chase comes to a stop.  Daryl wants to wait, afraid to make the first move.  A lone walker appears.  Carol ignores it.  The captors begin to move.  Carol and Daryl are out of gas so they have to go out on foot.  They need to find shelter for the night.  Carol knows of a place close by.

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She leads Daryl to an abandoned shelter.  It’s a place where abused women and children can escape their dangerous environments.  She and Sophia were there for a day before she went back to her husband, Ed.  During a sweep of the place, they find a mother and daughter, both walkers.  Daryl tells Carol she doesn’t have to kill them.  They go to sleep.  In the morning, she finds Daryl burning the bodies of the two walkers.  She thanks him and they continue the journey.  They find an office building that has supplies.  As they continue to explore, Daryl spots something in the distance.  Using the scope on Carol’s rifle, Daryl spots a white van with a white cross on the window.  It’s some feet away.  He knows they’re getting closer to Beth.

As they leave through a narrow opening, Carol is  held at gun point.  Daryl comes out to see Noah.  He only wants their weapons to defend himself.  Daryl finally hands over his trusty cross bow.  Noah frees some walkers trapped in a tent.  Carol and Daryl make short work of them and they give chase.  They soon find the van.  It’s  stuck on a bridge, dangerously close to tipping over.  Daryl sees a stretcher with a tag reading ‘Grady Memorial Hospital.’  Carol knows where’s it at, they have to get there safely.  Walkers appears and begin to attack.  The two rush into the van.  Daryl has a plan to tip the van over.  Hopefully, they’ll survive the fall.  It’s either that or get devoured by walkers.  Fingers are crossed and prayers are made.

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They survive the fall.  Carol is hurt, but she’ll be okay.  As they continue, they follow a trail of clues revealing Noah.  Daryl and Noah fight.  Daryl tips over a book case and leaves Noah pinned just as a walker appears.  Carol pleads Daryl to save Noah.  He eventually gives in.  Noah reveals that he knows Beth.  She helped him escape and he wants to help her.  They follow him out.  Carol is struck by a car.  Daryl wants to rescue her, but Noah tells him she’s going to a hospital.  They can help her.  He warns Daryl that there are people there with guns.  Daryl assures him he knows people with guns too.  It’s time for a rescue.

Not an action packed episode, but it was a good one.  It gave us a moment to see what Daryl and Carol have been up to last we saw them.  There was a great scene where Carol tries to tell Daryl about Lizzie and Mika.  Daryl knows they’re dead based on the that ‘they’re not here.’  Carol tells him ‘it’s worse than that’ but doesn’t say anything else and Daryl doesn’t push.  Carol has said that ‘everyone needs to move forward.’  I wonder if she’ll ever tell the group the truth.

Daryl and Noah will grab the rest of the group and save Beth.  I wonder if Abraham and the rest will meet up with the others soon.  I know there are a few episodes left so we’ll have to be patient.  Whatever happened to Eugene has to wait.  Hold on Beth, your friends are on their way.

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