‘The Walking Dead’ TV Recap

S5E8: 'Coda' (Mid Season Finale)

Rick’s plan has gone wrong.  Bob Lampson tried to flee, which meant Rick had to kill him.  They now have two hostages instead of three.  Dawn is going to wonder what happened to Bob.  The other two hostages, Shepard and McCarry, decide to lie.  They know if they don’t help, they’re as good as dead.  They cook up a lie that Lampson was killed by walkers.  The lie has to work so the exchange can go smoothly.

Gabriel continues to explore the world outside the church.  He comes across the camp site of the Terminus cannibals.  He finds a discarded bible and breaks down crying.  He’s not ready for this new world.  Soon, a group of walkers appear and he runs back to the church.  Michonne and Carl let him back in.  The walkers soon come in and the church is overrun.  Michonne tries in vain to hold them back but things get out of hand.  They need to get out of the church and soon.

Dawn is having trouble getting a hold of the officers.  Beth has an idea why but keeps it to herself.  She changes the subject by asking about Hanson.  Dawn reveals that Hanson was her friend and mentor but he changed for the worse.  She knew he had to die, but she misses him.  She tries to once again convince Beth that things are okay in the hospital.

Michonne, Carl, Gabriel and Judith get out safely.  Gabriel had to go to the school to find out what happened.  The walkers are about to break out of the church when Abraham pulls up in the fire truck and blocks the walkers.  There’s a happy reunion until Glenn reveals the truth about Eugene.  D.C. is no longer the safe haven they hoped.  They need another plan on where to go.  Michonne takes in the news then tells Maggie Beth is alive and there’s a rescue in the works to get her back.

The exchange takes place at the hospital.  Carol and Beth are brought forward as is McCarry and Shepard.  There is a tense stand off.  Both sides are willing to kill to get their people back.  Rick and Dawn both are tense.  They want their people back, no matter what.


One by one, the hostages are reunited with their friends.  Dawn makes one last request: she wants Noah back.  Rick argues that wasn’t part of the deal.  Dawn needs Noah, she’s his ward.  She needs him back.  Dawn’s people urge her to let it go.  She’s not backing down.  This is her hospital and she wants control.  Apparently, this has to end on her terms.  Noah wants to go to avoid any bloodshed.  Beth doesn’t let this go lightly.

She confronts Dawn and attacks her with a pair of scissors.  Dawn shoots Beth, killing her instantly.  Everyone is horrified.  Daryl pulls out a gun and kills Dawn.  Shepard pleads with everyone to stand down.  Dawn is dead, it’s over.  Rick’s people are distraught.  Rick is so close to gunning down the other officers.  But he doesn’t want to lose any more of his people.  He even offers to take anyone who wants to go.  No one takes him up on his offer.  He leaves as Daryl carries Beth in his arms.  Abraham, Glenn and Maggie come up.  They take out some walkers as they make their way to Rick and the others.  When Maggie sees Beth, she breaks down crying.  Everyone is devastated as they’ve lost one of their own.  They  have no idea where to go or what to do next.

RIP Beth.  You were such a sweet heart.  You tried to help anyone you could.  You’ll be missed.  I think Gabriel needs to go.  He doesn’t have a handle on this new world.  He’s become a danger to the group.  I wonder where the group will go now.  Is D.C. still an option?  Will it be safer or more dangerous?  This was the mid season finale, so readers, comment below what you thought of the past episodes and what’ll happen next.

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