The Way All Horror Movies Should be Watched

And why most people are not enjoying movies these days

I know I am not that old nor wise, being only twenty-seven but I still had a childhood full of movie binging and that at least has to count as something. When comparing those movie watching days to today, there are numerous profound differences besides just the differences in VHS tapes versus Blu-Rays.

Back then, after a movie was over, we would discuss it with the people we watched it with (if any) and that would generally be the end of it. Before viewing, I would not ask anyone or look anywhere to find out if it were an actual good movie. It would be fun to search the TV guide sent to us in the Sunday paper to search for movies I had not seen yet and record them. I had no biased opinions and never cared to think that they might be bad.

Now these days, things are totally and completely different. When some one is interested in a movie, they most likely Google it and from there opinions and judgements are already forming immediately affecting one’s mind and choice. Popular movies fall to this plague rather quickly, and when numerous people are reviewing and criticizing a film as bad, then people seem more likely to view the film with doubts and over-analyzing while watching it instead of trying to enjoy it.

I’ve noticed that many people go onto Facebook and post statuses of films they are currently watching or about to watch, and ask of people’s opinions. People with little respect, even go as far as spoiling the movie for the asker. Yet, what I am wondering is why not just watch the movie for yourself? Why be so concerned with what others think? Are we not all different people with different likes and dislikes when it comes to a film?

Not saying I do not condone discussing films. Hell, I love it. But I try my hardest to not let it alter my view of horror films. I try to watch everything with an open-mind, regardless of what others may think. I mean, what if the person who said the movie sucked, was actually just a person who didn’t even see the movie and just didn’t like an actor in it? You never truly know what or who you’re talking with on the internet either, to know how credible or truthful a person may be. The only person that’ll know if you’ll like a certain movie is yourself. Sure, people who know you, may be able to correctly guess, but the only person who truly knows, is yourself.

Now this next portion here I am more than guilty of. I do it all the time and I know probably a majority of my readers do as well. We sit on our computers and/or cell phones while watching a film. For me, it calms me in a sense, to have background noise while browsing the web. Most of the time, it’s probably just some form of ADHD kicking in making me want to do several things at once. I usually just like doing this with movies I have already saw so I can pay attention to my favorite parts when needed. But when this type of behavior is done during a new movie or one not seen before, is when problems arise. You truly can not understand a movie by looking down at something half the time and you’re going to miss important parts. Horror films can only be scary if given our full attention. If we are busy texting some one and miss an intense and integral moment to the film, than the whole rest of the film may be off. It would be like watching Psycho yet missing the show scene, or watching Texas Chain Saw without seeing the chase scene. Thus, when the films over, you’ll be left confused and may even believe it’s a bad film because of that.

In any event, I think the right way to watch a horror film (or well any film in that matter) is as follows:

  • Before watching it, clear your mind of anything you may have heard about it. Even good things because then you may be setting your expectations too high
  • Turn your cell phone off, or keep it across the room
  • Close your laptop
  • Turn off all the lights
  • Keep the distractions minimal– if you’re in a busy, loud house with a bunch of other people not watching the film then chances are you’ll not be able to enjoy it

Of course, this is just my opinion and view on things so all of the above may not apply to everyone. However, I do believe if we all focused more on ourselves and not what our Facebook friends think or what some critic thinks that we would all enjoy movies much more.



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  • Matthew Myers
    24 January 2015 at 11:46 pm - Reply

    I have learned to trust the opinions of very few people in life, especially when it comes to viewing a film I haven’t seen! My close friends tell me what they liked about it, what they may not have liked, and never spoil the ending.

    Good tips for enjoying a horror film! I like to certain genres at special times. Friday is zombie night, Saturday is Slasher, and then Sunday night Noir. Been doing that since I was a kid, it builds the anticipation because I look forward to it throughout the day.

  • Evan A. Baker
    26 January 2015 at 1:43 pm - Reply

    Pretty much on the same page with you on all of this. I feel like modern audiences have been conditioned to interact with cinema in a way that really undercuts the magic, and all they’re doing is spoiling their own experience.