The Wicked One: A new indie slasher on the horizon!

Featuring Ari Lehman, the first Jason!

I just love indie slasher films. They just don’t get enough attention, but feature some of the coolest slasher villains in the genre! Dollman, Porkchop, BBK, Crinoline Head, so many underrated killers. And the upcoming film The Wicked One, written and directed by Tory Jones and featuring Ari Lehman (the first Jason Voorhees), looks to be a promising addition. But they need your help!

From the press release:

Studio 605 Films and Jonestown Films are teaming up to release one of the most relentless, raw, and edgy horror films in 2016! The Wicked One has been peaking people within the Horror Scene’s interest since late 2013 and is steamrolling ahead for a Halloween 2016 release date.
We have officially launched our Crowd Funding Campaign via Indiegogo which includes some awesome perks and incentives for those who get involved with the production. One of those actually includes a screen used Wicked One Mask!
The Wicked One tells the story of one of the most violent and prolific serial killers of all time escaping from a maximum security prison and returning to his home to see his crimes and likeness being exploited for profit in a new annual event Wicked Fest. That’s when the blood begins to pour and people start to die in very graphic and violent ways.
We hope everyone can get involved with the production and support the film.
You can check out the indiegogo HERE! Share and contribute if you can!
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