Things you may not know about the Halloween series

Interesting facts about each film in the series.

Halloween (1978)


  • The mask, which Myers wears only cost the film makers $2.. It was a Star Trek William Shatner mask that was modified with spray paint and a few other little touch-ups.
  • After the film released, a book by Curtis Richards was published revealing more of Myers’ story. The book is very rare and hard to find these days– some sellers have it listed as high as $3,000 online.
  • Halloween was filmed in only twenty days, with a $300,000 budget.
  • Since the movie was set to take place in Illinois, and was filmed in California, the crew had to spray paint the leaves on the filming streets to give it a fall appeal.
  • Before Halloween’s televised debut, director John Carpenter had to film extra scenes while he was working on the film’s sequel so that Halloween could better fit in a time-slot.
  • The character Laurie Strode was named after Carpenter’s first girlfriend.
  • Anne Lockhart was almost chosen to play Laurie Strode over Jamie Lee Curtis

Halloween II (1981)


  • The teenager that was hit and killed who’s body is believed to be Myers at first, was actually intended to be Ben Tramer– Laurie’s crush from the first film.
  • According to Leo Rossi, whom plays Budd, the water in the hot tub scene was freezing cold.
  • Actress Ana Alicia injured her eye while filming, and had to receive twelve stitches. Very heavy makeup was worn to cover it up for the duration of shooting.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)


  • The original plan for the Halloween series was to create a different “Halloween” story for each film in the series. However, due to the film making less than expected at the Box Office, Myers returned for the next sequels.
  • The gas station seen in the film is the same one used in John Carpenter’s The Fog.

Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)


  • In 1986 producer Debra Hill and director John Carpenter were asked to make a fourth Halloween film. However, the film company did not like the screenplay that the two of them came up with and did not go forward with the movie. Soon afterward, they sold their rights to the film series and this film was made with an entirely new script and storyline.
  • Melissa Joan Hart auditioned for the role of Jamie.
  • The drugstore that Jamie and Rachel visit to pick out costumes is the same one used in the TV mini-series The Stand.
  • Jamie’s character was named after Jamie Lee Curtis. Originally, the character was going to be named Brittany.
  • *Spoilers*In the original ending, Rachel was stabbed to death by Jamie in the bathroom.

Halloween 5 (1989)


  • In the laundry chute scene Jamie was originally supposed to be stabbed in the leg, but the MPAA found the scene to be “too disturbing” and it was cut out of the script.
  • After shooting, the movie was fighting an X-Rating due to the extreme amount of violence and gore.
  • This is the first film in the series to feature Myers’ hair as black. In the previous films, his hair was always blonde.
  • Rachel was originally supposed to be killed by scissors to her throat but the actress playing her role– Ellie Cornell, felt it was too gruesome of a death for her character.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)


  • Most of the cast and crew disowned this film, saying there were too many disagreements between the film makers thus resulting in a poorly directed movie.
  • In the original script– a far more psychological version, one of the filming executives read it and could not sleep that night. Donald Pleasance read this script as well, and immediately signed on.. only to find out the script was being rewritten.
  • Danielle Harris was offered to reprise her role but the studio refused to pay her the $5,000 she asked for.
  • Peter Jackson was asked to direct this movie.
  • Although the Producer’s Cut was actually never released, bootleg versions were leaked in the months following the film’s release.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)


  • In the original script, the events from the previous sequels (4-6) are acknowledged, including Jamie. This storyline was later scratched to make the film less confusing and more scary.
  • Halloween H20 is the seventh film in the series. The chemical element h20 has a pH balance of seven.
  • *Spoilers*The movie’s ending originally featured Myers saying “Laurie” right before she decapitates him.

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)


  • The only reason Jamie Lee Curtis agreed to appear in this film was to guarantee her character wouldn’t appear in another Halloween sequel.
  • Myers is not given credit for the murders in films 4-6.
  • Several different endings were shot and the film studio had wanted to ship out different endings to different theaters, but the idea was shot down.

Halloween (2007)


  • Emma Stone auditioned for the role of Laurie Strode.
  • The director of the original Halloween, John Carpenter told Rob Zombie to make the film “his own.”
  • Rob Zombie originally wanted Danielle Harris to play the role of Laurie Strode and Sheri Moon Zombie to play Lynda.

Halloween II (2009)


  • Rob Zombie originally did not want to make another Halloween movie.. but when the studio decided to go forward with it, he took the job so that no one else would “ruin his vision.”
  • This is the first Halloween movie that shows Myers eating.
  • Zombie had to recast the actor who played young Michael from the first movie due to a noticeable growth spurt.

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