Top 10 Creepy Vintage Halloween Photos

Get a blast of horror from the past!


As everyone’s putting the finishing touches on their Halloween costumes, prepping for that perfect photo op, I decided to dig up some super creepy pictures from Halloweens past.  Some of these are interesting from a historical perspective, offering insight into how our parents and grandparents celebrated the holiday—but all of them are unnerving.  There’s something about the perceived innocence of the past juxtaposed against enduring horror images that chills to the bone!  We may be living in a golden age of cosplay and SFX, but these vintage photos that stirs something deeply foreboding.


I don’t know what’s scarier: The fact that the mask looks like the “Pretty Woman” mask Leatherface wore in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or those unnerving vintage dolls!


Nope.  Just, nope nope nope!


You just know these kids are plotting something evil!


Not only does the clown resemble John Wayne Gacy, the zombie kid at the far left really gets under my skin!  And I don’t trust that cowboy either!


Those innocent faces don’t fool me for a second!  There’s also something ominous about all those boys surrounding one girl.


I think we’ve got a candidate for the next Joker–complete with minions!


Young girls dressed as gorillas from the Ku Klux Klan?


A whole damn crew of Oogie Boogies–but what really freaks me out is the ominous figure lurking in the shadows (far right)!


Tell me that kid in the middle isn’t the spitting image of Thomas from The Orphanage, I dare you!


Nothing terribly scary about these vintage costumes, but the fact that these tykes are posed in front of a burning car (as though proudly taking responsibility for the crime) is nothing short of terrifying!

From everyone here at The Blood-Shed, have a safe and happy Halloween!

What do you think about these creepy vintage photos of Halloweens past?  Do you find these images more of less scary than today’s brand of costumes?  Sound off in the Comments section!

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