Top 10 Evil Aliens of Horror

Watch the skies!


In addition to entertaining, Science Fiction is a way of exploring shared anxieties about the future and the unknown.  In this sense, it can be considered a sister genre to Horror.  There’s a particularly terrifying area of Venn space where these genres are indistinguishable, a sector inhabited by the most fearsome otherworldly beats imaginable.  None of these ET’s come in peace.

Below, in no particular order, are the Top 10 Evil Aliens of Horror!  Enjoy—and watch the skies!


The Xenomorph from the Alien Franchise


Birthed in the twisted mind of Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger, the Xenomorph from Alien is the biggest, baddest, mutha fucker in the universe.  Completely otherworldly and insectile, these fiends embody birth, sex, and death in a most terrifying conglomeration.  From their disgusting larval “face-hugger” stage all the way through adulthood, every incarnation of these beasts is pure nightmare fuel.


The alien from John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)

While the extraterrestrial baddie in The Thing can manifest some truly disturbing forms, the most terrifying aspect if this creatures is its ability to mimic humanity.  This brings fear of the otherworldly unnervingly close to home, stoking both anxiety and paranoia.


The Crites from Critters Franchise


Individually, a Crite isn’t much to scream at, but in mass, these goofy mutant tribbles are fiercer than a school of psychotic piranhas!  Don’t let those smiles fool you!


The aliens from Extraterrestrial (2014)

While the aliens from Extraterrestrial are hardly original, the archetypal “grays” have never seemed more sinister.  With just a hint of evil on their otherwise emotionless faces, these otherworldly invaders are unnerving in the extreme.


The Predators from the Predator Franchise


The aliens of the Predator franchise don’t seem to have any grandiose plans for an invasion; instead, they’re motivated purely by the thrill of the hunt.  Think about it: They have no interest in our planetary resources or enslaving the human race—they simply get their jollies from killing us!


The aliens from Attack the Block (2011)

Blacker than black with glowing green eyes and teeth, the animalistic aliens in Attack the Block are both futuristic and primal.


The aliens from Pitch Black (2000)


Perhaps a distant relative of the Xenomorph, the flying hammer-headed aliens in Pitch Black are captivating and deadly.  Motivated by extreme hunger, these nocturnal beasties are as insatiable as they are violent.  Stay in the light!


The aliens from They Live (1988)

The most terrifying aspect of the aliens in They Live is that they have already taken over the world—it’s just that no one knows it yet!  Revealed through the use of special sunglasses, these camouflaged intruders are both cybertronic and organic.  Sporting skull-like grins and unblinking, emotionless eyes, they seek to enslave humanity through the enforcement of extreme obedience.


The Queen Alien from The Faculty (1998)


High school is treacherous enough without parasitic aliens taking over the student body and staff.  The mastermind leading them all is an imposing Lovecraftian entity in a most effective disguise.   Ironically, amphetamines save the day!


The alien from The Blob (1988)

Disgusting in the extreme, this monster is a gelatinous, inside-out stomach that traps and digests on contact.  How can you reason with an alien that doesn’t even have a brain?  Another reboot featuring Samuel L. Jackson is currently in the works.

What are your favorite evil aliens of horror?  Sound off in the Comments section!

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  • Heather Chantal
    4 January 2016 at 6:57 am - Reply

    You nailed it…the xenomorph from Alien for me is the absolute best…every evolution hits a new high, before getting obliterated…😊