Top 10 Horrifying Taxidermy Disasters

For those who appreciate some levity with their morbidity!



Dangerous Minds freaked-out tens of thousands of internet surfers when they posted a pic of the now infamous “Sexy” Taxidermied Rat Underwear (the logo says Chanel, but I don’t buy it!).  This captivating little travesty came courtesy of, a website in its fifth year of showcasing similar disasters.  They even released a book!

Thanks to an underground subculture of armature taxidermists, the “rat-thong” is one of many extremely disturbing… projects.  I Googled “taxidermy disasters” and was flooded with more images than my warped mind could process.  Some of these definitely belong in a horror movie.  Check out my Top 10 and, uh… enjoy I guess!


Let’s see, what movie does this remind me of?  Not surprisingly, this “ratipede” is presented by the folks at Crappy Taxidermy, from the “creative mind” of Becky King.



Come on.  That’s just wrong!  This one comes courtesy of The Friendly Eurypterid.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!



I feel like this character should be winking; he certainly seems in good spirits considering his… predicament.  This one comes from the now disbanded Facebook Group Badly Stuffed Animals.  Their motto was: “Where Badly Stuffed Animals are Stars!”



For the love of glory, send Fido back to the Pet Cemetery!  Wait, that’s a lion?  Even worse!  Got this one off Buzz Feed.



Bloody Disgusting published this one.  What’s wrong with you people?



This terrifying grizzly has definitely lost some of his ferocity in the afterlife.  This one was first posted on io9 by user Vincze Miklos.



Thanks, I didn’t want to sleep tonight!  Susan K. Morgan ran this one on her blog.  I hate you, Susan!



Why so serious?  Another brilliant feature from the fine folks at Crappy Taxidermy, this happy fella was found in the back of a tattoo shop in Lewisville, Texas.



Sorry lady, but there’s definitely something wrong with your baby!  This precious darling came from Facebook via Gwen R.



Okay, this guy I like!  If the intention was to make this bat look stoned off his ass: Mission Accomplished!  I found this far-out dude on Dump a Day.

What do you think of these taxidermy disasters?  Sound off in the Comments section!

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