Top 5 Survival Horror Video Game Franchises

Zombies and Dinos and Demons, oh my!

A lot of great horror games are on the horizon. We have Resident Evil 7, the in development Resident Evil 2 remake, Days Gone By, the 3DS port of Corpse Party, the list goes on. It’s a great time to be a gaming horror fanatic! But how does all of these games stack up? Let’s take a look at the top 5 survival horror franchises out there!

5. Alone in the Dark


Alone in the Dark is on this list because its first three installments were solid and it helped create the entire genre. It’s at the bottom of the list because, more than any other franchise, it has probably seen the biggest decline in quality. In fact, it has been over two decades since this genre staple has seen an installment that wasn’t negatively received. But the first three still provide retro gamers with some great times and good memories. Who knows if the franchise can ever make a comeback.

4. Siren


Perhaps a lesser known entry, the Siren series consists of three games so far, each with a die hard cult following. Taking a very Japanese style similar to Fatal Frame, the games offer a very unique mechanic where in you must see through the eyes of your enemies to survive. Tons of creep factor, as only J-Horror can provide. It’s been 8 years since the last installment. Hopefully another game in the series will surface soon.

3. Silent Hill


One of the longest running and best received franchises, Silent Hill is one of the oldest series with 12 releases and still going strong. They aren’t all masterpieces, but all are enjoyable. And the first three? Some of the greatest horror games ever made. Period. Too bad about the cancellation of Silent Hill game that was to be made by Hideo Kojima. After having one of the scariest demos ever, Konami cancelled the game. Tis better to have tasted fear and lost than never tasted it at all? Nah. You’re just a tease, Konami.

4. Fatal Frame

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Fatal Frame is probably the outright creepiest series out there. Taking many cues from Japanese horror, the series of 7 and counting games focuses on vanquishing evil ghosts using a special camera, forcing you to face your fears dead on through the aperture in order to defeat them. The first three games were for Ps2 but are still highly sought after to this day, with used copies going for upwards of $50 each.

1.Resident Evil


Number one has to go to the Resident Evil franchise. No other series is as synonymous with survival horror as Resident Evil, even if some more recent games have strayed to be more action oriented. With a total of 23 installments (!!!) and 2 more announced, no other series comes even close. Ranging from pure horror to first person shooters, squad combat, and rail shooters, the play style has evolved significantly over the years. Hell, the upcoming Resident Evil 7 is offering a first person experience entirely compatible with VR! Oh, and did I mention the series holds the record for most successful video game movie adaptation franchise with 5 installments and the 6th and final coming out in January?

What do you think? Is there a series you would add to the list? Sound off!

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  • Joshua
    7 September 2016 at 6:08 pm - Reply

    Though it was only two games thus far (that I’m aware of), I’m surprised that Condemned and Condemned 2:Bloodshot didn’t receive honorable mentions here. The first person angle in both titles was expertly done, and the raw, dogged brutality of the melee combat in the games helped make every encounter not only feel genuinely dangerous, but left players (at least, myself) trying to think of ways to use the environment to more readily contend with the next raving lunatic to come after them with a lead pipe in hand.