TOP Scariest Movies of All Time

Are you a big fan of watching movies? If you like horror films, this list will probably make you gasp. These movie scenes will make your hair stand up!...

Are you a big fan of watching movies? If you like horror films, this list will probably make you gasp. These movie scenes will make your hair stand up! Nobody can keep calm when watching them. You will get the wind up for sure!

What is your biggest fear? What is your favorite scariest movie?

The Ring. It is a Japanese horror film released in 2002. It is about a journalist investigating a mystery video which seems to cause to death anyone within a week of viewing it. Usually people who watch this videotape get a creepy little girl’s phone call that says ‘7 days’. What makes the movie even scarier is the main character. A little girl is climbing out of the TV. Can you imagine this in real life? It is rather hard to say whether it is a woman or just a really bad aged little girl. Maybe the girl just has a really bad day?

The Blair Witch Project. This is the scariest movie from the nineties. The film is about three student filmmakers who suddenly disappear. A year later their video camera is found. They were all screaming. But nothing could be seen on the video cassette, as it was totally dark everywhere. The students were researching about the local guy who kidnapped 7 children. He tortured and then killed them. The budget of the movie is unbelievably small – just $22,500! This fact did not prevent its success in the box office bringing home 248 millions of dollars. Even the biggest jackpots ever cannot bring such a sum no matter if you play the best pokies or casino games online.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  This movie was inspired by a true story. There are many remakes of it. The one that came on in 1974 was so violent and scary that several countries banned it. The remake of the film of 2003 is about five young adults on their way to a concert.  They suddenly saw a traumatized young hitch-hiker and stopped to pick her up. But she pulled out her gun and shot herself in the head after saying something bad about some man. The main characters were trying to report to the police about what had happen but found themselves surrounded by psychopathic killers.

Paranormal Activity. It is another low budget movie that has made hundreds of millions of dollars in the box office. It was so scary and popular that every year after they released another part. The latest one was Paranormal Activity. The Ghost Dimension. It tells the story about a young couple who moves into a new house. They noticed that something bad was going on with their daughter. The father decided to film her sleep. They used a special camera which could see spirits. The camera managed to capture multiple supernatural phenomena. The family wanted to protect their daughter from an evil entity with a sinister plan.

Dare to watch them in the full darkness being alone at home?

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