Top Seven Home Invasion Flicks

A list of films that will make you want to lock your doors at night.


 Funny Games (2007)

A remake of the 1997 Austrian film of the same name, comes this thriller that really knows how to fuck with your mind. All it really consists of is two young men who are terrorizing a family of three in their vacation home. But it is done so brilliantly that it will disturb and scare you like no other movie you’ve seen before.



Straw Dogs (1971 & 2011)

Yes, I had to include the remake. Is it because Alexander Skarsgard is in it? Maybe. Anyways, the films are about a married couple whom move out to a rural area and are harassed by the locals.



When a Stranger Calls (1979 & 2006)

Yepp, included the remake again. I actually didn’t mind it. It worked for me. I know it was nowhere near as scary as the original but I still figure it’s worth a watch. Both films are about a babysitter who are terrorized by an unknown assailant.


You’re Next (2011)

Wide-released around the same time as The Purge, comes this fun flick that knows exactly how to entertain– unlike the aforementioned film that lacked that quality. The movie follows a family get-together for a celebration that is ruined by murderous attackers.


The Strangers (2007)

A couple who were supposed to have a romantic getaway are terrorized by some creepy ass looking people.


The Collector (2009)

A man who comes to rob a house he was doing construction work on, breaks in only to release some one else was already there first.


Inside (2007) 

A pregnant lady is brutally tortured by a woman who wants her unborn child.

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