Trailer for Gore Filled Anthology “The Carnage Collection” To Release on Halloween

Several Stories of Blood Lust and Murder

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Point & Shoot Films, a micro budget horror studio based out of New England, is entering into the final stages of their first feature film The Carnage Collection, with a trailer set to drop on Halloween. A number of gore filled stories are told within The Collection, including Slay Bells, “a Christmas tale starring everyone’s favorite holiday fat guy”, Stuffed, “about a girl, her stuffed sloth, and sexual obsessions, and VCR  “about a lonely man and his obsolete technology.”

Written by Point & Shoot co founders Bob and Derek Ferreira, and directed by the duo and Kimball Rowell, the practical effects shown so far are pretty sick.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.36.34 PM

Splitting Headaches

     The idea is definitely intriguing, and the filmmakers have an obvious passion for their craft. We’ll have to wait and see the trailer before making to many judgments, but right now The Carnage Collection looks like a hell of a good time.

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