Valentine’s Day Activities for Horror Lovers

Well, St. Valentine is coming as it does every year whether you like it or not. And that makes a lot of my friends sharing my love to horrors...

Well, St. Valentine is coming as it does every year whether you like it or not. And that makes a lot of my friends sharing my love to horrors cringe, on one hand, and makes other people happily look forward to celebrating this holiday with its l usual hearty-fluffy things, on the other hand. I would say all people can be divided into these two implacable categories. I used to belong to Valentine’s Day haters. This year when I met my significant one I changed my attitude to it. No, I did not swell the ranks of hopeless romantics. And yes, I am still a horror aficionado. The thing is that I decided not to get annoyed by this 14th of February inevitability anymore and to have fun instead together with my girlfriend. Here is our plan of Valentine’s Day activities that I hope will inspire you for experiments.

  1. Watching horror movies is a must-do. The holiday of love will not happen without thrilling moments. The one small detail is that horror movies on Saint Valentine’s day should be somehow related to romance. They set the right tone and are deprived of all sappy things romantic comedies have in plenty. I chose the below movies meeting these requirements. I am sure these films will be a better aphrodisiac than an all-too-common bar of chocolate.

  • My Bloody Valentine

  • Warm Bodies

  • The Strangers

  • The Bride of Frankenstein

  • Boxing Helena

  1. To add more spice and challenge all possible stereotypes we plan to make the Holiday of Love not only full of horror and thrill, but also adventurous. What can be more adventurous than taking a chance in gaming. We won’t go to Las Vegas though, but just go to the website online casino to try your luck and have fun within reasonable limits. This second item in my list will be definitely surprising both for St. Valentine’s Days lovers and haters, though breaking all rules and very exciting. Besides, that would be great shared memories of a couple!
  1. If these activities are not enough to celebrate Horror-Risky Valentine’s Day, some drinks will be perfect to complete this entourage. Mixing delicious cocktails is very creative and romantic. But let’s agree that ordinary cocktails are quite boring. Both of you will need creativity because cocktails should be prepared in a horror style. The simplest way to achieve this goal is to add Bailey’s Irish Cream that perfectly resembles ‘brains’ in the glass and grenadine to add to some blood.

This plan is OK for those who prefer indoor activities and are eager to enjoy each other’s company on Saint Valentine’s Day. Though, outdoor celebration is fun too, especially when it involves all horror aficionados wishing to commemorate this occasion in a special manner.

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