Vanguard of the Desolate World: The Hellhounds


AUTHOR: Phillip Drayer Duncan



In the wasteland left after an apocalypse known to survivors as “The Fall”, the remains of human society are threatened by the mysterious and deadly Hellhounds.


Phillip Drayer Duncan’s post-apocalyptic thriller introduces us to a hard-boiled loner-badass with a conscience, a hammer-wielding dude named Van – short for Vanguard. He’s got that name because that is exactly his function for a small cave-dwelling society holed up underground near his home. He is in their world but not of it. Van and the cave dwellers have a nervous albeit mostly trusting truce. Their peace-loving ways make them particularly vulnerable and it salves his scorched soul just a little to help them. And since they benefit from his services, they reciprocate in their way. It’s symbiosis in a shattered world, several years after The Fall began the end of the world as we knew it. In his “desolate world” of technologic setbacks, bullets beat gold in value and the rebuilding of society is still a shaky-legged infant. A sort of future western, minus the laser guns, morphs into a sci-horror adventure with mystery, twists and brain-bending answers. This tech-challenged society plagued by lawlessness as well as the sheer struggle for survival finds itself in even worse shape when the mysterious Hellhounds, a vicious band of animalistic but anthropomorphic beasts. The sites of their slaughters are veritable outdoor abattoirs, with gore soaked ground and the scattered littering of body parts. WTF are these things? Slavering demons? Or lycanthropic threats? They are not what they seem. Even when Van strips away the first layer of mystery, he is left with more questions than answers and, though he does not know it, they are still more than they seem. But how so? The perusal of this short but bloody and action-packed novel will bring you – and Van – all the answers you collectively seek. It’s fast-paced, rich with colorful characters, skillfully story-dense in a small page count, and laced with the exuberant creativity that is part and parcel of Duncan’s unique voice.


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