Vote for your favorite horror concept in the Clive Barker Presents: Reel Fear Horror Contest

Are you more of a slasher fan, or would you prefer a paranormal thriller?  Do you like blood and guts, or do the twists and turns of psychological horror...

Are you more of a slasher fan, or would you prefer a paranormal thriller?  Do you like blood and guts, or do the twists and turns of psychological horror keep you on the edge of the seat?  Well, now’s the chance for you and genre fans everywhere to greenlight your next favorite horror flick. Concepts for films with names like “The Lure”, “Black Eyed Kids” and “Before She Dies” sound amazing, and you get a chance to be part of this cool contest.

Public voting for the “Clive Barker Presents: Reel Fear Horror Contest” from Project Greenlight Digital Studios and Shudder is open until April 25th! We’d love to get the word out so as many people as possible have the chance to weigh in on what film they want to see most.

Filmmakers have submitted one-to-three minute pitches for their original horror film concepts on  Ten semi-finalists have been selected, and through April 25, the public can vote on their favorite concept.

The audience winner automatically moves on to the next round, where five finalists will each receive funding to direct a short scene representative of their abilities. In June, those finalists will also be granted a spot in the second annual Shudder Labs, Shudder’s creative retreat for developing genre filmmakers.  The contest’s winner will take home $300,000 to make the horror film of their dreams, with Clive Barker (Hellraiser) as his or her mentor.

Barker said of the partnership: “When I was looking for financing while making Hellraiser, I wish there was a company like Project Greenlight Digital Studios behind me. Teaming up with Adaptive Studios and Shudder is a wonderful opportunity to support emerging filmmakers in creating something truly iconic. This is a great chance to scare and entertain audiences at the same time.”

Project Greenlight Digital Studios (PGLDS), a digital content initiative from Adaptive Studios, and Shudder, AMC Networks-backed horror and thriller streaming video service, are joining forces to launch a video contest to support indie horror films. The two companies have also partnered with filmmaker Clive Barker (Hellraiser, Nightbreed, Lord of Illusions) who is known for his directing, writing, and producing credits in the horror genre. The contest will solicit pitches for original horror films, and the winner will receive $300,000 to make his or her feature film, as well as mentorship from Barker throughout production.

Shorts will be judged on originality, story, character, editing, directing, and commercial value. The final stage of the contest will consist of an interview with Barker and representatives from PGLDS and Shudder, where the five finalists will answer questions regarding crew, casting, creative execution, and more. One director or directing team will be selected to bring their film to life with a $300,000 budget. Barker will help shepherd the film through the development process as a mentor to the winning filmmaker.




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  • Jim Warfield
    22 April 2017 at 11:53 pm - Reply

    I have a story. I just found this contest today.
    My story is … my story that I experienced seventeen years ago right here in my haunted, haunted house.
    It begins with my Wife leaving me and this house after seven years of marriage.
    She was always scared here, seven years must have been her personal limit.
    A voice would call her name. The last time this happened she thought it was My voice, but when that happened I was very far away from her, clear up in the cupola leading a dozen people through here. (In the seven years she was here I Never once tried to scare her.) She hated the wine cellar, but she made up her own mind to be down there one night to help with the house tour, then “something ” pulled her hair straight up in the air, yanking it three times!
    The first night I was alone in the house after she left for good, I was watching Tv and I fell asleep.. as I began to wake up, I had the very real sensation that someone was kissing my forehead four times from right to Left. My eyes were wide open by the third kiss, I was alone in the house, alone in the room. (Not the first time that someone was kissed here by unseen forces)
    The next day a strange man arrived at my door telling me he is a “Warloch-Psychic”? and just Had to see the inside of this house!(“This will good for a few laughs!”) I opened the South door, he took off running up the stairs! He got to the two doors there , grabbed a door handle, I said, “No,no’no, we are not going to start up there.”
    He turned looked at me and said he could “see” a young girl, falling down these steps, she reached out, grabbing the wooden railing, it broke with the pointy end “Up-stream” penetrating her leg! This Had happened just before I bought this house, I had only found out about six months ago but the first odd thing I had noticed about this house was the broken Bannister, left with the pointy end upstream.
    Mr “Warloch’s knowledge concerning odd things pertaining to this house were all right on-target that day, as he told me things that were mundane and yet true within this house’s History (but not general knowledge among the average citizens of this tiny town)
    Briefly : He told things even telling me that a ghost of a certain description ran between us as we stood in the front room(I saw nothing)he screamed and jumped! The description matched a former person who did live here. The end of this saw me involved in a “fatal” car wreck which was not fatal to me, even though everyone thinks I could not have survived it, let alone survived it with just a tiny cut on my lip.
    I feel I suffered no major injury because I adamantly kept refusing the demands this “Warloch” guy repeatedly made that one night of me. I also feel that if I would have said, “Yes”, that I probably would have been killed in that wreck.
    These events all happened seventeen years ago. Then five years ago I began telling people (my “House Patrons”) about a woman who grew up in this house who was murdered four blocks away in 1940 (Who might be the ghost Girl that made “Warloch” scream and jump?
    As I told this one young woman sitting there became upset because the first time she came to see this house her GPS kept telling her to turn Left and drive three blocks to get to my house, but those directions are wrong, but those are the directions to the murder scene from 1940.
    Yes, GPS-s are not flawless, but in just a short time suddenly many people were being given these directions by their GPS. When I informed them, they were taken to a Family murder scene, They were NOT “Happy”!
    There is not one “breath” of fiction in what I have written here. It ALL Happened. I have the State Police accident report, I have the shirt I was wearing when it happened and I even kept my car, it’s in my backyard, it’s part of the “Show” here now and has been for these last 17 years.
    I really do think this Warloch guy was being told what to do and say by someone, (something else)
    I have owned this old, spooky house for 30 years. I have had it open for house tours for 29 years, Open almost every night.. for 29 years, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I have tried to only use my own ideas here. I have heard hundreds of people’s personal ghost stories and most of them sound and seem very believable but almost none of them sound like a Movie or a TV show. (How about that?)
    My house is on You-tube on HGTV and I was on Wild Chicago.(And a few more shows I would rather forget about)
    I am Jim Warfield My House :”The Raven’s Grin Inn-411 North Carroll St. Mount Carroll, Illinois, approx. 3 hours due West of Chicago, ten miles from the Mississippi River. Phone: 1-815-244-4746