Wait, what actor is up for playing Freddy Krueger?!

Never really considered him before...

As hated as the Nightmare on Elm Street sequel was, it’s no real surprise that it came to light last August that New Line was going back to the drawing board with a new reboot instead of a sequel. Now, I personally kinda liked the remake. Not as much as the originals, sure, but Jackie made a great Freddy in my opinion and I liked how they went more into the science of sleep with things like comas and micro-naps.

Well, updates have been pretty slim on this new reboot. But over the weekend, one big name actor responded to a fan’s Tweet, hinting that he might actually be interested in the role. Who? Well…

Screenshot (100)

So, yeah, that’s someone I never would have considered in a million years. Weird thing is… I can kinda see it. If he can work on a good voice for the character, I can see Kevin Bacon playing Freddy. What do you guys think? Any other ideas for people who could pull it off?


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  • Thomas Namtvedt
    16 August 2016 at 6:47 pm - Reply

    Ryan Styles would be great. He kind of looks like Robert Englund.

  • jason
    16 August 2016 at 7:46 pm - Reply

    well he is not very famous butt he would be the perfect Freddy Krueger he has a demonic laugh and eyes that would scare you just by looking his name is Jason sireci and he would be perfect for the role of Freddy