Want To Go Inside The Original ‘The Conjuring’ House? You Can Without Even Leaving Your Couch!

The Dark Zone Network Presents A Week long Live Stream Event From "The Conjuring" House!

Getting out of your house and into another one during the quarantine has never been easier. While the coronavirus threatens to turn the world into agoraphobics, The Dark Zone wants to scare us out of our houses and into theirs. Anyone ever wanting to do a paranormal investigation, well folks, this is the chance of a lifetime!

An inhuman spirit, according to 2013’s The Conjuring, is “something that’s never walked the Earth in human form. It’s something demonic.” And The Dark Zone, a new online community that “embraces the vast spectrum of all things paranormal” wants to lock you in a house with it for a whole week. Figuring it may be the only thing scarier than the coronavirus, the network will present a week-long Livestream from the real house that inspired the film The ConjuringThe House Live will stream as a free preview on Friday, May 8, with the full broadcast starting at noon ET, on Saturday, May 9 and running 24/7 for an entire week. Watching it for the whole week is not free, however.

“The world is on lockdown and so is the family living in the house that inspired The Conjuring,” reads the official synopsis. “Watch as the Heinzen Family shows you how they live amongst the spirits while toughing out this worldwide pandemic.”

The House documents the daily lives of Corey and Jennifer Heinzen, the current residents of the Harrisville, Rhode Island house at the center of The Conjuring. The Heinzen’s, who are paranormal investigators, moved into the house a little over a year ago. They claim paranormal activity increased after they moved in. In 2019, the Heinzen’s reported experiencing “footsteps, knocks, and lights flashing in rooms…that don’t have a light in there, to begin with.”

The centuries-old farmhouse located in Harrisville, Rhode Island has been known by many names over the years, including the Dexter Richardson House, the Old Arnold Estate, and Old Brook Farm — but these days, it’s known mostly as the allegedly haunted house that inspired The Conjuring. And now, it’s got new owners: Cory and Jennifer Heinzen just bought the Conjuring house — and they say it’s just as haunted in real life as you think.

According to Cory Heinzen, so far, he and Jennifer have experienced “doors opening on their own, footsteps, disembodied voices, electronic voice phenomena, and some awesome spirit-box sessions,” he told INSIDER recently. (Electronic voice phenomena, usually shortened to EVP, include things like hearing voices or other sounds playback on a recording that weren’t present when the recording was made; spirit boxes, meanwhile, allegedly allow spirits or other entities to communicate through the “raw audio” produced by modified radios.) Heinzen also told the Sun Journal that they’ve heard some knocking — sounds which are commonly cited as evidence of an alleged haunting — from time to time, too. “I don’t have the feeling of anything evil, [but] it’s very busy,” he said. “You can tell there’s a lot of things going on in the house.”

Directed by James Wan, and starring Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, and Lili Taylor, the film The Conjuring, chronicled the experiences of the house’s former residents, The Perron family. That family moved into the house in the winter of 1970 and moved out in June of 1980. It was investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren, who presented themselves in the film as “ghost hunters, paranormal researchers, wackos.” Before the Heinzen’s bought the property, it was owned by Norma Sutcliffe, who sued Warner Bros. in 2015 after the movie turned the house into a tourist attraction.

For the Livestream, the Heinzen Family will conduct paranormal investigations, seances, and Ouija board sessions. The house itself will be rigged with multiple cameras so the audience “will get an immersive and interactive look inside the real conjuring house,” promises The Dark Zone’s website. “When paranormal activity happens, you’ll see it LIVE.” The global broadcast gives audiences the opportunity to interact with the Heinzen family in real-time, and act as remote ghost hunters. While the feed runs, viewers can report any strange activity they see directly to the family.

THE CATCH: It costs $4.99 to view a 24-hour session of The House Live broadcast, the whole week costs $19.99. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to COVID-related charities. Discounted advance tickets will be available on May 1.

The House can be viewed exclusively on the world’s first and only paranormal-themed OTT platform, The Dark Zone Network, which calls itself a one-stop-shop for all things paranormal. The full broadcast starts at noon ET, on Saturday, May 9 and running 24/7 for an entire week.

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