Weird Worlds!

Pulpmaster Joel Jenkins Strikes Again


It’s not all horror, but bear with me …

Weird Worlds of Joel Jenkins Vol. 2 makes me want to seek out the authors first comp of strange tales. Jenkins is a prolific and versatile author whose works span a great range of genres. Yet, by and large, his stories exist under the banner of pulp, the vast majority of his pulp neatly huddled beneath the weird fiction umbrella.

From “skate-punk zombie thrillers” to assorted fantasy yarns, from violent action pulp to supernatural post-apoc supercar treasure hunt fic – really, there’s a lot in here. I’ve read a number of Jenkins books in a variety of genres and this one has stacked up to be my favorite thus far.

With westerns, both spooky and otherwise, diverse stories of fantastical exploits, E.R. Burroughs-inspired space opera, new takes on classic mythology, even vintage style action set during WWII, Jenkins has earned his pulp fic epaulets.

Whether he’s creating on a blank slate or channeling old school pulp styles and authors, Jenkins’ polished prose and keen imagination make for readers driven to voraciousness. I blew through this one pretty fast. Hard to put down. Or, as they say in reviewers’ quote speak, “UNPUTDOWNABLE”!

I kept finding myself shunning movies or shows I was all set to watch … just because I wanted to rip through some more pages of this engaging omnibus of weird tales. Never knowing what kind of world will open up on the next page, when the current marvelous story I’m reading ends, ensures the peruser’s desire to keep plugging on.

And so I did. Read and read and, surprise!, I’m at the end. No more Weird Worlds to explore til the next volume. Or, really, until Jenkins’ next book. Many of the characters to be found in this anthology of fantastical fic are recurring characters of Jenkins’, some of whom even have roots in ongoing series by this pulp master.

I’m always happy to see what Jenkins has to offer, and I have a soft spot for fiction anthologies. This volume offers a great ride for not just fans of pulp, but for anybody who likes exciting stories set against colorful backgrounds and populated by equally colorful characters, Joel Jenkins and his Weird Worlds have a lot to offer.

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