What horror movie is your guilty pleasure?

Now that you know mine, it

Ok, admit it.. we all have them. There’s always going to be that one movie you watch over and over again.. but only when you know no one else is going to be looking. It’s going to be that movie that you never include in your top-ten lists but really wish you could. Or maybe you are more open about your love for it, and just receive a lot of flack in return from your friends and family for being a fan.


In any event, my guilty pleasure definitely has to be this horror flick with an impressive 3.7 IMDb rating (hence the sarcasm) from 2001 that tries a little too hard to be psychological. Soul Survivors actually encompasses a pretty strong lead cast list with Wes BentleyCasey AffleckEliza Dushku and Luke Wilson. Not only does the film feature a star-studded cast, but it also has an amazing soundtrack. 

The film follows four friends– Cassie, Matt, Sean and Annabel who just recently graduated high school and are about to embark on their new lives as college students. The gang decides to celebrate one last night completely together before their lives begin and chose a secluded gothic club on the outskirts of town. On the ride home however, their celebration comes to a halt as they are involved in a horrific and fatal car accident. 

Everyone survives the crash but Cassie’s boyfriend Sean. Cassie still attends college in the fall with Annabel and Matt by her side. Cassie is barely able to function it seems as she is ridden with guilt and begins to decent into madness by experiencing hallucinations and constant flashbacks from the night of the accident. As Cassie tries to decipher what’s real and what isn’t, the movie becomes pretty entertaining. Also, who doesn’t appreciate a film with not one, but three alternate endings?

I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly draws me to this film, because I know it isn’t that great of a movie but yet I still love to watch it. Maybe it’s the romance mixed with the horror that sparks my interest or the comfort of knowing what’s going to happen or how I somehow find Casey Affleck’s voice sexy. Maybe I’ll never know but it’s a movie I know I’ll never get sick of.

So what are everyone’s guilty pleasures when it comes to horror movies? And why do you think they are?


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  • Josh Millican
    20 December 2014 at 9:19 pm - Reply

    Jennifer’s Body. I’m sometimes ashamed to admit it but I fucking love that movie!

    • Melissa B.
      20 December 2014 at 9:24 pm - Reply

      Hey, I like that movie too! Another movie with a great soundtrack might I add.