Where Your Favorite Childhood Horror Actors are Now

Also check out what they look like now.

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Miko Hughes who was best known for his role of Gage in Pet Sematary (1989).  Miko is still pretty involved in the film and television industry and will be starring in three films next year in 2015. Check out his IMDb profile here.

13507061_ori Blazeberdahl

Blaze Berdahl also starred in Pet Sematary alongside Miko Hughes, as his sister Ellie Creed. Blaze was also well-known for her role in the 90’s TV show Ghost Writer where she played the character Lenni. It would appear according to her IMDb page she no longer acts in movies or TV shows. She now is happily married, graduated from college and works mainly as a voice-over actress and narrator.

Danny-Lloyd-closeup   daniel-lloyd-danny-torrence-shining

Danny Lloyd played Daniel Torrence in the 1980 version of The Shining. After only starring in one other film in 1982, Danny quit acting and went on to lead a rather normal life. These days he is a teacher at a community college but still widely attends horror conventions to meet his fans.

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Danny Pintauro is best known for playing Tad Trenton in the 1983 film Cujo. Danny has lightly acted since The Shining and now is said to work as a restaurant manager in Las Vegas, NV.

avcp213   Alex_Vincent

Alex Vincent starred in the first three Child’s Play films as Andy Barclay. He is still in the film industry but not taking on many roles. Alex also made an appearance in the newest Chucky film Curse of Chucky. It is said Alex now mainly works as a sound engineer.

damien-la-malediction-2-1978-01-g  harveystephens02sm

Harvey Stephens starred in the original The Omen as Damien. He only starred in one other movie afterwards and made a tiny cameo in The Omen remake. Harvey now works as a property developer in Kent, England.

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Oliver Robins starred in the first two Poltergeist films as Robbie Freeling and is the only surviving child actor from the films. Oliver has not done too much acting over the last several years but he has been trying his hand at directing.

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Daveigh Chase believe it not played the terrifying Samara in the American version of The Ring. Daveigh is still deep into acting and has been in several prominent roles throughout the years since The Ring debuted.

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