Will we ever see a Hack/Slash movie?

I hope yes.

For those not in the indie comics scene, Hack/Slash is a comic book series about a girl named Cassie Hack and her enormous, disfigured partner, Vlad, as they travel the country hunting “slashers”, undead killers like Jason Voorhees or Freddy Kreuger. The series suffered setbacks, but kept on going, garnering such success as to allow it to have crossovers with A-list horror characters like Herbert West, Chucky, and Victor Crowley (OK, Victor might be more of an A-).

The comic is run through Image right now, but it used to be published by Devil’s Due. Back in those days, it seemed like a movie was a sure thing. They even advertised it on the covers of the comic! “In development to be a major motion picture from Rogue Pictures!”



(Right at the top above the title)

Rogue had been so confident, they had even given a tentative release window of sometime in 2008. Unfortunately, right around that time Rogue’s distribution and marketing were moved to parent-company Universal and then Rogue was bought brom Universal in 2008 by Relativity. In all of the craziness, well, Hack/Slash dropped off the radar for a while. But it was never declared dead and pages still exist all over the place stating it as “in development”.

Hack/Slash Movie on IMDB

Hack/Slash movie on UpcomingHorrorMovies

No one claims it is dead. But with it being six years after it’s planned release and the last bit of news being from January, 2012 (Marcus Nispel being attached to direct), can this film ever make it out of development hell?

I, for one, hope so. And apparently I’m not alone. Go type Hack/Slash into Google and see what the first suggestion is…

To tide you over, here’s a Hack/Slash fanfilm, HACK:

HACK- Horror Film from Terri Rozwadowski on Vimeo.

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