The Willows- An Amazing New Immersive Event From Creep Los Angeles

This is, the haunt you've been looking for!

If I hadn’t already been in love with every Creep LA event I had gone to, I guess I would have been surprised at how amazing THE WILLOWS was. As it is, I was still blown away that their newest immersive event was honestly the best haunted evening I can imagine having. Not because I was scared out of my wits, but because I genuinely felt haunted myself, when I left.

Many haunt type shows are becoming more brutal at worst, or really weird and vague at best, and I admit I am afraid to say yes to some of them. To my excitement, THE WILLOWS was creepy, strange, mysterious, yet as classy as I expected. The only thing I felt was missing was my chance to give a standing ovation and tell the cast what a great night I had. So right now, I need to tell you, get tickets before they sell out! Now allow me to explain why.

Just to start, here is their description on the press release: A two-hour production that takes guests on a modern-day psychological mystery, THE WILLOWS takes place inside a lavish 10,000 square foot mansion, home to the eccentric Willows family. The seven-member cast will bring audiences into the family’s intimate story and sordid history. Drawing guests into memorable scenes, bizarre encounters, and highly-detailed settings, all across the expansive property, audiences are in for an evening of excitement and suspense.


Intrigued? My evening with THE WILLOWS, started in a car where they asked us to put on our blindfolds, our seat-belts and to follow the rules. After the two-and-a-half-hour experience, all I wanted to do was talk to the other guests to see what their time in the house was like. Yes, we all went to the same place, met the family, had drinks, laughs, strange encounters, dinner and even dancing, yet NOT ONE of us had the exact same experience. That is what makes Creep LA events so awesome. The night was a free-flowing improvisation, that you get out of, exactly what you put into it.

Entering the house, you are immediately part of the show and you feel it. It is surreal, yet subtle the way we learn what the night is all about. The more questions you ask, the more you will learn. All you know going in is that it is a celebration. Of what, you must find out on your own. Sometimes you are in groups, and sometimes you are whisked away for a private visit with a family member, or kept isolated from the others.

It is obvious the story, with so many guests and actors could go many ways, but it feels, like it goes exactly as perfectly scripted. But that is not the case. The actors, the characters, themselves gave such stellar performances that you don’t see them acting, you see an incredibly disturbed family, that you have suddenly become an intimate part of… best to just have a drink and go with the flow.

I am afraid to give always details, but I just have to rave about the acting and the attention to detail. Each character is complicated and has a full back story, one that is revealed to us as the night goes on. Everyone was incredible in their own special way! You will not feel anything, but amazement and you will not be disappointed if you go to this fabulous show. The food, but the way, was great too! The “family” has many dark secrets, and it’s up to you as a guest to interact with them and your fellow party goers, to make the evening a success. This is not a place to be shy. Keep your wits about you and listen to everything. Never say no. No one is there is scare, you- just creep you out a bit!


THE WILLOWS will premiere to the public in an initial limited weekend run starting Thursday, May 18th – Saturday, May 20th. There will be two performances of the show per night, beginning at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm. Each show will consist of an audience of 18 people.

Following the opening weekend, guests can visit to sign up for future showings of THE WILLOWS. Taking place throughout the year, the show will release tickets to registered guests as dates become available. Guests can then reserve tickets for up to 8 people. Once tickets are booked and dates and times confirmed, guests will receive instructions on where to park. Upon arrival to the parking area, guests will be blind-folded then taken to the undisclosed address of the Willow’s family home.

For more information on THE WILLOWS show dates and ticket prices, visit

You can also go on their Facebook Page for more information and updates



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  • Jim Warfield
    9 May 2017 at 3:30 am - Reply

    AWW! Mystery Actors! The Ravens Grin Inn’s first mystery two people were hired to help who had been doing such things for awhile. As we were set to begin going through the house.. we could not open the door to the next room? I finally went outside and came back in on the other side of the inoperable, stubborn door.
    The reason the door could not be opened was very obvious! The one person I had hired (the one with previous experience ) was bracing herself against the door as strongly as she could muster!
    It would have been a very long night if I had not around to see what was happening with that first door!
    Getting “Adults” to “Play” was the toughest part of all of the events like this I did.
    Best of Luck, I wish you all success!–Jim Warfield