Wizard World Philly presents Horror Fest

A mix of classic films and upcoming sneak peeks, including a US premiere

This past weekend Wizard World Philadelphia and BloodyDisgusting presented Horror Fest. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the event. The event was staged over 3 days and was just a small part of what Wizard World Entertainment offered at Wizard World Philadelphia this year. First things first, here were all the feature films that were on tap for Horror Fest over the three days.

Better Watch Out

Monster Squad (with a Q&A with actors Andre Gower and Ryan Lambert)

25th Anniversary of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (with a Q&A with star Kristy Swanson)

68 Kill (Philadelphia Premiere)

The US Premiere of Dark Signal

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Extravaganza (with Barry Bostwick as Master of Ceremonies) with 2 local “shadow cast” groups preforming during the film.

Let Me Make You a Martyr

Super Dark Times (Philadelphia Premiere)

Found Footage 3D (Philadelphia Premiere)

Now that was just what was going on on site. Off site on Friday night, Gene Simmons along with The Gene Simmons Band (NOTE: not KISS) played a concert special concert at a local club. On Saturday night, a performance club played A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors along with a live performance by Don Dokken, as well as a midnight showing of The Blob.

So it doesn’t matter if you only like some subgroups of the horror genre, there was something for you.

Horror Fest had a great mixture of films. You had a few classics, a few premiers, all mixed in with a few short films. As a personal fan of the “going to the movies” experience, it was cool to be able to see some older, classic movies in a theater environment for the first time and of course, getting to see the premiers of a few upcoming films was an even better bonus (one of which I will rave about in great length, but we will get to that in due time).

I do have one major complaint about the show. As usual, horror is treated like the redheaded stepchild and Horror Fest was regulated to a corner all the way downstairs and then in the back. Now to be fair, that is where the theater  is in relation to the convention floor, so that’s just a product of the architecture of the building, however there was very little signage to find Horror Fest. The first three people who were working the show had no idea what I was talking about when I asked where Horror Fest was. Finally the fourth person I asked knew what I was talking about and pointed me to an escalator. “Take that escalator down, then go to the end of the hall, make a right, it’s at the end of that hall.”  Little did I know that one of those hallways the length of a Philadelphia city block. But that was my only major complaint. My only other one would be sitting in one of the semi-uncomfortable chairs for 12 hours watching the films, but that comes with the territory.  It was a good combination of films, so much so that I almost forgot that there was a convention going on upstairs.  Hopefully the numbers crunched on the positive side and they decide to have Horror Fest at Wizard World Philly again next year. And if you’re in or close to a city that has a Wizard World convention coming close by, definitely check it out, especially in they are continuing Horror Fest all around the country.

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