Woman Accused of Witchcraft after Giving Birth to Lizard

You read that right

A 31 year old Indonesian woman, residing in the village of Oenunto, is currently being beset by an angry mob after being accused of witchcraft. Their evidence? The woman apparently gave birth to a lizard.

The woman, named Debi Nubatonis, was apparently pregnant for 8 months before going into labor. The result of this, the mid wife claims, was the birth of a lizard. Immediately accusations were thrown about and, as tends to happen, a angry mob has formed, complete with torches and pitch forks (one assumes).

While medical expert believe this to be the combination of a phantom pregnancy and confusion, stating that the accusation of lizard birthing “is clearly nonsense”, it is this writer’s opinion that this incident is the second instance of Miley Cyrus’s species and that the lizard should be killed swiftly before it starts twerking.

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