Writer/Director Ryan Nicholson Talks Gutterballs 2 and (maybe) 3!

Ready to go balls deep with the BBK again?

Few low budget indie slasher films have become as well known and accumulated as large a fan base as 2008’s Gutterballs, written and directed by Ryan Nicholson. Well, I caught wind of a sequel in the works, even the possibility of a third entry, and contacted Nicholson for the scoop. Here’s how it went down!

John Lepper: Mr. Nicholson, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to interview you. You wrote and directed Gutterballs, probably one of the best known low budget indie productions in the slasher genre. And now you are making a second one and possibly even a third! What can you tell me about them?

Ryan Nicholson: The slasher genre needs a hot beef injection! The last couple of years have been dry so to speak so I wanted to bring BBK aka The Bowling Bag Killer back to the lanes to spread the red again. Maybe spread some other fleshy parts while we’re at it!

 There’s so many ways to kill someone. You can quantify that in a bowling alley for sure

JL: Nice! Let’s talk about BBK for a sec. Those that saw the first Gutterballs know that BBK is dead. Can you give our readers any hints on his bloody return to the alley?

RN: Essentially “BBK” embodies those with a need for vengeance. I kind of incorporated the idea that maybe there were a few BBK’S on the prowl in Gutterballs. I think its safe to say one or more may have survived and/or there might be a copycat killer on the loose in Part 2, possibly Part 3 IF the funding is met. The idea of what took place in the bowling alley was so fantastical so bizarre, I think if we threw a creature into the mix, the fans would love it.

JL: A creature? So, the protagonists may have more than just a human predator stalking them the next time around?

RN: There’s talk of it happening but we’ve already started filming elements for part 2. I think the idea of a creature would be cool. Gutterballs is heavy on the homages.

But at this time, its an idea. If it comes to fruition it would have to be soon.JL: I, for one, would love to see it! So, can you give us a short plot synopsis? The first film’s plot was set in motion by a brutal rape. What is the catalyst for this particular massacre?

RN: Essentially the plot is about a therapist who uses unorthodox methods for treating his patients, one of whom is Sarah, the lone survivor from the massacre at the bowling alley. The therapist takes a group of patients on a field trip to of all places, a bowling alley, where killing and nastiness is slathered on the usual young adult sex, drugs and rock n bowl!

JL: Great! I love that it ties into the first film! So, you’re in the crowdfunding process now. If all goes well, when do you think Gutterballs 2 will see release?

RN: Its slated for a May release in North America, possibly sooner in Germany. The crowd-funding has been great so far. Its essentially allowing us to get great quality products and merch out to contributors, that will be unique to the campaign.

JL: Fans make the horror industry and they know what they want. It’s great to hear the success you’re having! It’s been great hearing a bit more about the project. Before I let you go, do you have anything else you want to let our readers know about the film (or films as the case may be)?

RN: Basically the “Gutterballs” films are made for the fans by fans. Myself, my wife Megan, we love horror. Extreme horror is what we live for. I think it translates into our work and makes the movies something special. Our fans our friends and family. Its very awesome to say the least. We have the campaign running until Dec. 31st so there’s still a couple of weeks to get in on the action here!


Thanks for the interview and helping spread the red!!!

JL: And thanks to you as well! Best of luck and can’t wait to see the results!


So, who else is stoked for more mayhem at the bowling alley?


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