X-Files Writer on “Home” Sequel: “Suckers”

Controversial episode will not be revisited in the new season.



On the eve of Halloween, X-Files scribe Glen Morgan has swapped a sweet treat for a trick most foul, with revelations that feel like a slap in the face for excited and inquisitive fans.

Ever since it was announced that Fox would be airing a 6-part X-Files Revival in January, enthusiastic “X-Philes” have hypothesized about what we can expect.  When it was revealed that an episode titled Home Again was scheduled to air on January 25th, there was an automatic assumption that this would be a sequel to the most controversial and unnerving X-Files episode ever made: Season 4’s Home.

This theory was bolstered by the fact that January 25th, 2016 is just about the 20th Anniversary of the first time Home aired back in 1996.  Furthermore, the fact that James Wong and Glen Morgan, the writers who scribed Home, had reunited to pen Home Again seemed to practically confirming sequel status.

showbiz-glen-morganBut in an interview published earlier today in the New York Times, Morgan dropped some depressing information that cuts like a razor hidden in a piece of candy; while the title Home Again was specifically chosen for their episode, it “is not” a sequel to Home—emphatically, categorically, and definitely “not”.  So why not name it something less… leading?

Morgan says he did it “knowing that suckers out there would think it was a sequel to ‘Home.’ ”

You weasel!

No one could fault intuitive X-Philes for making the assumption that Home Again would be a sequel to Home, given all the “clues”.  But it turns out we’ve been purposely mislead.  Okay, I admit that fans who jump to conclusions regarding unreleased movies or TV shows can’t yell “No fair!” when our theories are proven incorrect.  But it seems like Morgan intentionally manipulated fans, only to smack us as “suckers”.  Not nice.

I’m one of those “suckers” who felt almost certain we’d been given legitimate clues regarding the content of Home Again.  Not only did I get my hopes up, I relayed by expectations to Blood-Shed readers.  Little did I know I was inadvertently participating in plot to disseminate misinformation.  So thanks Mr. Morgan; not only do I feel stupid, I feel guilty for spreading lies and therefore contributing to the dumbing down of humanity.

Mrs._PeacockYou might think you’re pretty clever for getting us worked up over nothing, Mr. Morgan.  But to tell you the truth, I’m less excited about The X-Files Revival after hearing your wicked little punchline.  No, I’m not being a poor sport!  Revisiting the Peacock family, filling us in on what they’ve been up to for the past 20 years, would have been an excellent way to expand on one of the most impactful and memorable stories The X-Files ever presented.  It could have been a stepping stone towards establishing a stand-alone mythology that could’ve been spun into something truly incredible.

Opportunity: Lost.

At least the fact that Home Again isn’t a sequel doesn’t change the fact that Home is perhaps the scariest, most terrifying show to air on network television—ever!  Check out a recent article I wrote about how a true story from Charlie Chaplin’s autobiography influenced Home’s most disturbing moment, HERE.

Are you looking forward to The X-Files revival in January?  Are you ticked off by Glen Morgan’s admission that Home Again was a purposely misleading title?  Sound off in the Comments section!

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  • William D. Prystauk
    31 October 2015 at 12:33 pm - Reply

    What a let down! But thanks so much for the insight!