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Rob Zombie Tells Us Why His 'Halloween' Is Superior To The Original |

Rob Zombie Tells Us Why His 'Halloween' Is Superior To The Original

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Despite claiming to be a big fan of the original 1978 'Halloween' and its sequels, Rob Zombie has spoken out on the many flaws in the original film, and how he improved upon it in his 2007 remake.

During an interview with 'are you going' in 2002, he stated "Go remake something that's a piece of shit, and make it good." In 2003 he then went on to say to the guys over at "Remaking films that were already great is kind of stupid. I don't really see the point"

So this leads us to believe that either A: He went back on his word, or changed his mind because he was offered the money - or B: He actually does think that the original 1978 Halloween is an awful film.

Despite claiming that he loved the original so much, he points out at an interview with MTV what he claims to be the 'flaws and failures' of Carpenters classic, and that his movie improved upon them.

Loomis was a dramatic tool and acted crazy and drunk.

Zombie said that he felt the character of Loomis was more of a 'dramatic tool' than a character, and would simply "pop in when they needed something dramatic to say." He also commented that in the sequels especially, Loomis seemed like he was crazy, and acted as if he was always drunk!

Oh I'm sorry if he acted a little crazy and drunk in the sequels Rob, I guess the pressure of having to deal with Michael and his murders year after year just took its toll on him? At least he didn't turn into an arrogant asshole like YOUR Loomis did in the sequel!

The jumpsuit wasn't dirty enough.

Next Zombie said that he was upset that Michael was seen wearing a clean jumpsuit. "Another one of the things about the original Halloween and Michael Myers that bothered me, was that he found the only mechanic who wore a pristine uniform to kill"

Seriously? What makes you think that Michael Myers had to be a dirty character anyway? Who knows - the mechanic could have brought that jumpsuit brand new the day before. Or maybe he was just careful about his work.

Why always the same mask?

Zombie complains next that he finds it hard to believe that Michael would always find a similar mask to wear. "What if he stole a Jimmy Carter mask, or, you know, an Elmo mask, if that was the only one available at the hardware store" and - "when did he rob the hardware store? In broad daylight? When the alarm's still ringing? Like, where is everybody?" He then went on to say a bit more about how much things like that bother him in movies.

Hmm okay, so I can see where he's coming from with this one. The masks however were possibly quite popular at the time, because in both Halloween 2 and 5 we see different teenagers wearing them, so they may have been widely available - and on top of that, the same mask was never used twice. I'd personally much rather have him miraculously finding the same mask then walking around for the entire movie without wearing one (like in RZ's Halloween 2), because that TOTALLY ruined the eeriness of 'the shape.'

Michael Drove.

Another thing that Zombie had a bee in his bonnet about is that Michael was able to drive. "Michael Myers does not drive in this movie, because that always bothered me. They played it out like 'someone must have given him lessons', but you know, no one gave him lessons, he's in maximum security prison"

Well did you consider this Rob - Michael wasn't called 'the shape' for no reason, he was supposedly pure evil, and of course carried 'the curse of thorn'. Perhaps that had something to do with it. Perhaps that makes him that much more frightening.

"Bothered me, bothered me, bothered me" Ugh, just stop it already Zombie, you're making a fool of yourself. Well what bothered me the most about the remake was that there was excessive gore, excessive swearing, excessive sexual content - heck it's not a movie I'd be watching with my parents! You had ten year old's talking about...well what they were talking about in the scene pictured above.

Despite all that's been said, I do appreciate the remake for what it is, and I was actually very impressed by it. As I said before, it would have been better had they toned down the profanity and nudity - not as worried about the violence, as it is a horror film after all, but the way he's been slating the original is not on, considering how much he claims to like it. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I would say that Zombie is totally lying when he says that he likes and respects the original Halloween, but is just saying that for fear of losing fans if he said otherwise.

So what do you think? Do you agree with Zombie, and think that the original is more flawed than most people realize, or do you think that what he's said is totally unfair?

Is Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' better than the original?
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    I like them both the same, but he shouldn't be slating off the original like that.
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(Thanks to Brian Andrews for this information)