Zombie’s 31 Gets NC-17 Rating

“Censored for your enjoyment.”



Rob Zombie’s ultraviolent clown horror 31 has been slapped with an NC-17 Rating—twice!  The shock-rocker & filmmaker made the announcement on Facebook earlier this morning:

“Well, after two tries through the MPAA our rating on 31 remains NC-17. Maybe three is the charm to get an R rating. Why R you ask? Well, because your local theater will not show an NC-17. Even though you are a fucking adult… things must be censored for your enjoyment.”

Official Synopsis: 31 tells the story of five carnies in 1976 kidnapped on the morning of Halloween and held hostage in a remote industrial Hell. While trapped, they are forced to play a violent game called 31. The mission is to survive 12 hours against an endless gang of grease-painted maniacs.

Many horror fans in online forums think the NC-17 Rating is a selling point; far from it.  Sure, extreme gore sounds good on an aesthetic level, Zombie’s post notes the (humongous) downside: Theaters won’t play it!  Okay, there will no doubt be a few arthouses willing to screen 31, but chances for a wider release will be dashed if the NC-17 remains intact.

To this end, Zombie & crew are going back to the cutting-room in an effort to appease the ninnies at the MPAA.  While this means we’ll be seeing a watered down 31 in theaters, at least we can look forward to a kick-ass unrated Blu-ray release.  Americans can also take comfort in that fact that 31 will no doubt get even worse treatment by the censors in the UK; it’ll likely get ripped to shreds before being released for mass consumption.


These days, R Rated movies get away with showing incredibly graphic sex, but obviously exaggerated depictions of violence are still deemed dangerous.  The idea that 31 contains scenes that are quantifiably harmful is ridiculous; a link between violent images and violent actions has never been scientifically established to any degree.

The MPAA is a bully.  Believe it!

Are you looking forward to Ron Zombie’s 31 in 2016?  What are your feelings regarding the MPAA and an NC-17 rating?  Sound off in the Comments section!

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  • Justin Kincaid
    12 February 2016 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    This is why I’m an advocate of releasing to the internet. It’s not hard to find a paying audience online and you can bypass all of the politics that make the movie industry so watered down.

    I’m personally sick and tired of having things censored because it may offend someone. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    Let’s hope he can see success, despite an industry who panders to the whining musings of a few submissive executives.