10 of the scariest fictional towns

Which place would you not be caught dead in?


1. Haddonfield, IL (Halloween series)

A friendly community no more, where Myers comes out once a year to murder the Strodes and anyone related to them. Somehow, the police in the town don’t really know how to stop him or keep him locked up, so the residents are pretty much screwed.


2. Amity Island, New England (Jaws)

In a town where the mayor cares more for the tourists and parties than his town people’s own well-beings, comes Amity Island. Where sharks eat you for dinner.


3. Woodsboro, CA (Scream series)

Good ol’ Sidney Presoct resides in this town where a lot of people are stabbed– probably because the cops are too busy hooking up with the reporters.


4. Crystal Lake, NJ (Friday the 13th series)

The site of a tragic drowning of a young boy doesn’t stop a bunch of young adults venturing off to the camp to become camp counselors. Seeing as the police force is pretty much unseen, it’s one scary place to be stuck.


5. Springwood, OH (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

1.. 2.. Freddy’s coming for you… 3..4.. Better shut the door….


6. Bon Temps, LA (True Blood)

Bon Temps appears to be the supernatural capitol of America, where vamps, shifters, weres, fairies, witches and even things called maenads reside. The police force becomes pretty much a joke in the show’s final season and the townsfolk can get away with pretty much whatever their heart desires.


7. Silent Hill 

Silent Hill is one scary ass town. It has some truly evil shit going down inside there and I would never want to visit. People say the game’s creators were inspired by the real life ghost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania where an ongoing mine fire has been burning for over forty years.


8. Antonio Bay, CA (The Fog)

Antonio Bay had some beautiful imagery, and looked like a pretty nice place to visit… that is until sword-bearing ghosts began to take the town over.


9. Gatlin, NE (Children of the Corn)

A town where children have their own little devil-worshipping  killing community going on is one scary thought.


10. Derry, Maine (Many Stephen King novels and films)

The things Derry has going on is quite disturbing– not only is it the setting of It, Dreamcatcher and Bag of Bones, it’s also the setting of the horror novels Insomnia, Fair Extension and 11/22/63. So let’s just say if the town of Derry was real, it’d be one terrifying place.

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