10 Weapons That Would Come In Handy In A Horror Movie

You must choose wisely...

At one point, we’ve imagined being in a horror movie.  We pictured what monster we would face.  We imagined who we would want watching our backs.  We’ve even fantasized who would be our romantic interest in the movie.  There’s one important factor we need to consider.  What weapons we should carry.  If you need to survive in a horror movie, you need some damn good weapons.

10) Desert Eagle Handgun
This gun just screams ‘bad ass.’  I’ve seen it in countless movies and TV shows.  I’m sure the recoil would knock me on my ass.  But it looks so cool and I’m sure one shot from this bad boy would kill almost anything.  Oh the damage I could do if I dual wielded these hand cannons.

9) Katana
You know you’ve always wanted to own one of these.  Ninjas use these swords to deal out death and destruction.  If you want to survive in a nightmare, you need to deal plenty of death and destruction.  How cool would you look if you used one of these to decapitate the villain?  You know you want to give it a try.


8) Flamethrower
Fire is the ultimate weapon.  It can kill just about anything.  A flamethrower in your hands will surely guarantee your survival.  You could take on just about anything that came at you.  Just don’t drop it.  I can only imagine how hard it’d be to pick one of these up.  If you drop a flamethrower, it’d be best just to run and look for another weapon.


7) Gatling Gun
Oh yeah! This weapons just screams ‘Come at me, bro!’ If you had one of these, you could survive twenty horror movies.  Sure these things are heavy and hard to use, but these are the ultimate weapons.  Just aim and spray.  You would mow down a million zombies with these things.  Oh and be careful.  These things don’t have infinite ammo so shoot carefully.


6) Magic
There are so many spell to choose from.  You could use cure magic to heal yourself and your friends.  You could use fire and sleep spells to slow down the enemy.  This could be the very weapon that would save the day.  Now that I think about it, a lot of horror movies involve magic gone horribly wrong.  Even though using magic would be very cool, you might want to rethink using this in a horror movie.

5) Laser Rifle
If you’re using one of these, you’re more than likely in a Sci-Fi\Horror movie.  These futuristic weapons have been used against aliens for many years.  These can not only do a lot of damage, but sounds really cool when you fire one.  Keep your aim steady and your wits sharp.  If you find yourself cornered, fire like hell!


4) Shotgun
There’s a reason this is a classic.  Shotguns are one of the top choices.  They’re loud and powerful.  And let’s not forget that cool sound it makes when you chamber a round.  A shotgun may not exactly guarantee your chances of surviving.  Then again, it couldn’t hurt to have one.
Which one would you prefer: Pump action or double barrel?


3) Chainsaw
A brutal weapon that is hard to wield and yet causes lots of damage.  It’ll take a few tries to get it running.  It runs on gas so be careful you don’t overdo it.  If you trip and fall on it, you’re dead.  This weapon might not be the ideal choice.  If it’s your only weapon, start swinging and hope for the best.


2) Pickup Truck
You see plenty of these in almost every horror movie.  This would serve as your means of escape and a weapon.  Get in, start it up and drive away.  When you get the chance, turn around and run over whatever it is that’s been trying to kill you.  You might want to back up, then drive forward multiple times just to make sure the monster is dead.


1) Axe
This is the main staple of every horror movie.  There’s always an axe laying around.  It may not look as cool as a katana, but it has a powerful swing.  You may want to grab one of these and hold on tight.  Whatever monsters attacks you, swing away.  When you knock it down, chop it up into little pieces.

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Alright readers, what do you think?  Would these weapons serve you well?  Which ones would you prefer?  Leave a comment below with your dream arsenal.

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