11 Horrifying Hidden Gems of the Horror Industry

A list of my favorite overlooked horror films.


Dead End (2003)
An awesomely creepy horror comedy that will keep you both entertained and on the edge of your seat throughout the whole film. Featuring an all-star cast, Dead End is one any horror fan should not miss. Dead End follows a family out on a road trip, that make a wrong turn that they soon end up regretting….


Dead Birds (2004)
Seriously, if you want to watch a movie that will scare the living crap out of you, this is it. Dead Birds is about a group of Confederate soldiers who hideout in an abandoned farmhouse after recently robbing a bank. However, the farmhouse ends up being no safe haven as it’s riddled with an evil presence that does not want them there. 


The New Daughter (2009)
Yes, Kevin Costner’s in a horror flick; to me, I loved him in Dragonfly and Mr. Brooks so I knew this one had to be worth a watch. And, boy was I right. The New Daughter is quite an unique film with a very terrifying ending. Kevin Costner plays a recently divorced father who moves to a secluded house with his two children. In the new home’s backyard, the children discover a mysterious mound harboring a dark secret. 


The Changeling (1980)
This film from the eighties is often overlooked, which truly is a shame because The Changeling is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s truly a slow-burner but it’s the kind that will easily get under your skin and stay there for weeks to come. The Changeling is about a man living in an old mansion that has a disturbing past hidden behind it’s walls. 


Eden Lake (2008)
Want to watch a horror film that will literally have you sweating and keep you on the edge of your seat? Than Eden Lake is for you. This film follows a young couple vacationing in the woods only to be interrupted by a rude group of teenagers that have sinister plans in their heads. 


Honeymoon (2014)
Honeymoon has gained recent popularity due it’s arrival to Netflix Instant this past new year, but nevertheless I still need to announce that it’s the best horror flick of 2014 and it’s a film that will truly play with your head. Honeymoon crept me the hell out, and stayed with me for a long time afterwards. The film follows newlyweds camping in a remote cabin when one night the bride changes and not for the best…


The Children (2008)
I know there are plenty of creepy kid movies, but I consider The Children to be the king of them all. The Children disturbed me a lot more than the hordes of other movies I’ve seen. This one follows a family getting together for the holidays when the children start acting weird, creepy weird..


The House of the Devil (2009)
A Ti West film that plays a homage to your favorite 80’s horror flicks, comes The House of the Devil. A real slow burner with a grueling second half that will creep you the hell out. The film is about a young college student who takes a babysitting job offered by a very odd man.


Rogue (2007)
From the brilliant mind that bought you Wolf Creek, comes Rogue, a grueling thriller about a giant Croc’ gone Rogue. The film is packed with intense moments and is shot in the beautiful wilderness of Australia. 


Splinter (2008)
Splinter is a truly unique film where a couple and an ex-con are holed up in a gas station with a scary-ass parasite trapping them inside. There’s not one thing I didn’t like about Splinter, and it is definitely one of my favorite horror films of all time. The special effects used are stellar and seriously scary-as-shit. 


Farm House (2008)
Last but not least, comes Farm House, a spine-tingling thriller that follows a couple that crash their car and find comfort at a nearby farmhouse inhabited by what seems like a nice husband and wife. However, they soon find out they would have been better off on the road.. Packed with horrifying scenes and a successfully creeptastic ending, Farm House will haunt your dreams.

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