9 Things I Learned From Horror Movies

They're Terrifying And Educational!!

1) If you have a chance to stay home or go home, take it.
There’s nothing wrong with going out and having a good time.  Your friends have an idea to go somewhere dark and scary.  Your gut instinct tells you to stay home.  You don’t want to be left out, so you suck it up and go with them.  Congratulations, you’re the first person to die.  Or you want to go home, and your friends convince you to stay.  Congratulations, you’re still the first person to die.
Examples: Hostel 2, Wrong Turn

2) Fog or mist are never a good sign.
Fog is a part of nature that is creepy as hell.  Whenever you see it, you can’t help but feel nervous.  You know it’s just part of the weather.  Deep down, you suspect something is waiting inside the fog.  It’s not like you can just pull the car over.  You have to keep moving.  The fog is dangerous and it’s hiding something that can kill you.
Examples: The Fog, Silent Hill, The Mist

3) Spare ammo won’t save you.
You’re a cop or a soldier who’s sent on a call.  You assume it’s a routine assignment so you pack lightly.  You only bring a few more rounds of ammo.  You don’t bring anymore because you don’t see a reason to.  Turns out the routine assignment involves facing off against an evil creature, inhuman killer.  You burn threw your ammo only to discover that bullets don’t kill the monster.  If only you would’ve brought more ammo.  Oh wait, if 100 bullets didn’t kill it, I doubt another 100 would do the trick.
Examples: Maniac Cop (1-3)

4) Don’t touch anything haunted or possessed.
It’s hard to judge an object by looks alone.  However, if you see a scary doll, toy, mirror or even a hair brush, leave it alone!  If it looks creepy, it can probably kill you.  If it’s a book, don’t try and read from it.  Oh sure, you think it’ll be funny.  Trust me, your laughs will soon turn into screams.  Just leave the object alone and walk away.  Trust me on this.
Examples: Evil Dead, Annabelle, Witchboard

5) Road trips never go well.
Road trips are a great way to get away from it all.  The problem is that they never end well.  Oh sure, you’re pissed because your car broke down.  You’re also confused because there’s some strange obstacle blocking your path.  One second your friends are planning a road trip, the next you’re facing your bloody demise.  Life sure has a funny way of surprising you!
Examples: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 31, The House of 1,000 Corpses

6) Saving your loved one won’t be easy.
It’s time to arm up and man up.  Someone you care about is either been kidnapped or being stalked by someone or something.  You need to fight for your loved one.  You could go alone and probably get yourself killed.  You could bring some friends and get them killed.  You have no choice.  You have to get that special someone back home safe.
Examples: Fright Night, Fright Night 2, Hostel

7) The legends are always true.
We’ve all heard the stories.  If you do this, at that place on this night, you’ll meet (insert name here).  We laugh it off and yet we hesitate to do the ceremony on the chance the legend is true.  If you want to live, don’t do anything or go anywhere that is mentioned in any legend.  Do you want to be bored and alive, or dead?
Examples: Pumpkinhead, Rawhead Rex

8) The villain never dies the first time.
The villain is dead and you can rest easy.  Your friends have been avenged and you can go home.  Just turn around and keep walking.  There’s no need to check the body one more time.  You shot, stabbed and set the killer on fire.  There’s no way it can still be alive…..
Examples: Friday  the 13th (all of them) Halloween, Scream

9) Criminals can be victims too.
Criminals are people too.  They have feelings, hopes and dreams like the rest of us.  They can also be picked off one by one.  Criminals also find themselves the target of evil.  Some criminals prove to be decent people after all.  Others show us just how wicked they are.
Examples: No One Lives, The Last House On the Left, You’re Next

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