A Bloody good time! Dead Snow: Red vs Dead review

They came down from the mountains...

Dead Snow: Red vs Dead (2014)
Director: Tommy Wirkola
Writer: Tommy WirkolaStig Frode HenriksenVegar Hoel
Stars: Vegar HoelØrjan GamstMartin StarrDerek Mears



In 2009, Dead Snow (Dod Sno in original Norwegian) came out to great success, becoming an instant cult classic. The film was a horror/comedy in the same vein as Evil Dead II and, despite its foreign origins, has become wildly popular.

This year, the sequel, Dead Snow: Red vs Dead, comes out and I can tell you that it surpasses its progenitor. In the previous film, a group of young friends go to a cabin in the snowy mountains of Norway and find a box of Nazi gold. Opening the box awakens a squad of Nazi zombies, slaughtered on the mountain in WWII and preserved by the cold. Everyone dies except for one character, Martin, who survives to make it to his car (though not in one piece, having chopped off his arm with a chainsaw after being bitten on it). The movie then ends with him suddenly attacked in his vehicle by the leader of the Nazi zombies, Herzog.

The sequel picks up right where the first film left off. Martin is able to fight off Herzog and start his car, but Herzog holds on. Martin eventually is able to remove Herzog, resulting in the zombie’s arm being severed. Martin shortly after crashes. He awakens in the hospital, blamed for his friend’s deaths, with Herzogs arm (mistaken for his own) attached at his elbow. But the Nazi zombies aren’t done and Martin is going to need all the help he can get to stop them, including the power in his new arm, some professional zombie hunters from the US, and, well, I won’t give it away, but the “red” in “Red vs Dead”? That’s them in the picture.

The movie is phenomenal! The original was great and this one far surpasses it! The scope and budget are significantly bigger (guys, they got a real, working WWII era German tank for this movie. That’s a budget!!!) There is tons of action and really top notch gore. The fight scenes are great! And, as a horror/comedy, the film excels. It is hard to find a horror/comedy with just the right balance. But I can sincerely say there are some scenes in this that had me laughing hysterically without just being overtly silly and taking away from the seriousness of the situation. All the humor is situational, none of it forced.

Another thing I love in this film are some of the new characters. You will not forget them! First, there is the Zombie Squad. I won’t go too in depth on them because there is a tiny twist, but they are endlessly entertaining. They are a team of zombie hunters from the United States who travel to Norway to help Martin after seeing pictures of his grafted on zombie arm that are sent to them. Then there is Stavarin. See the big guy standing next to Martin in the pic? That is Stavarin, played by none other than Derek Mears (remake Jason Voorhees) and there is an amazing fight sequence where he just runs a gauntlet destroying Nazi zombies. It’s a sight to behold. Finally, there is the character simply dubbed “Sidekick Zombie”. Throughout horror history, there have been a few zombie that have stood on their own, becoming favorites among fans. Bud from Dawn of the Dead, Fido from the movie of the same name, and Tar Zombie from the Return of the Living Dead series come to mind. Sidekick Zombie, in my mind, joins their ranks. He never speaks a single line, but he is a scene stealer and the cause of much of my laughter throughout this film. You too will love Sidekick Zombie.

I cannot recommend this movie enough! An instant cult classic and a perfect sequel!


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    Where can I was h this film. I’ve been trying to find it forever