‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ TV Recap

S4E4: 'Edward Morodrake Pt.2'

Morodrake questions each of Elsa’s troupe.  He wants to know their shame, their guilt.  He seems intrigued by Elsa.  Elsa isn’t scared, she’s equally intrigued by him as he is by her.  She seems him as a potential suitor.  However, her intrigue turns to horror when she realizes it’s really Edward Morodrake.  He demands she tell him her darkest secret.

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Jimmy and Esmeralda are out for a bike ride.  They run out of gas and must be careful of the townsfolk and the curfew.  Meanwhile, Twisty’s prisoners are scared.  The new prisoner has no idea what’s going on.  The young woman makes an escape.  While hiding, Jimmy and Esmeralda see her being taken by Twisty.  Jimmy tries to go help, only to be knocked out by Dandy.  Dandy wants to put on a show.

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Elsa bares her soul.  In Berlin during 1932, Elsa was a dominatrix.  She treated her customers with disgust yet was in high demand.  She began to even have an audience, ‘The Watchers.’  They paid her well to watch her perform.  One performance goes terribly wrong.  Elsa is drugged and handcuffed to a bed. Her legs are cut off with a chainsaw as the whole act is filmed.  A soldier who followed her everywhere found her and saved her life.  She begs to be taken.  She has nothing left to live for.  Morodrake spares her as he is distracted by music coming from Dandy’s show.

Dandy has quite the show in mind with Esmeralda as a ‘volunteer.’  He’s just about to saw her in half but Johnny frees himself and saves her.  The other prisoners run off.  Twisty grabs Jimmy and takes him back to the bus.  Morodrake appears, eager to see what happens next.  He questions Twisty and demands to know his story.


In 1943, Twisty was a ‘simpleton.’  He loved performing for children.  But the freaks mistreated him.  They were jealous of the attention Twisty was getting.  They made fun of him and accused him of abusing children.  Twisty was scared and he ran away.  Word got out and he was exiled.  His mom passed away and he had no place to go.  He made garbage into toys but no one wanted his goods.  He was chased away by a salesman and tried to commit suicide.  He survives the attempt.  He’s been taking children so he can make them ‘happy.’

Morodrake is moved by his tale.  He chooses Mr. Twisty as the newest member of his ghost troupe by killing him.  Johnny, Esmeralda and the kids are saved.  The police hail Jimmy as a hero.  Jimmy still wants revenge for Meep’s death.  Jimmy has tons of new fans as the townspeople want to thank him to saving the hostages and ending the reign of terror.  Dandy is about to start a new one when he kills his maid.  It appears Jupiter has a new threat.

I actually found myself feeling sorry for Mr. Twisty.  Yes, he killed innocent people and took hostages.  But he was abused by his mother and suffered a mental handicap as a result.  He’s not like Dandy who chooses to kill.  Twisty was dangerous but not as evil as we previously thought.
It seemed too early to end his tale.  I’m still not sold on Dandy as the next killer.  I have no idea what’s going to happen to Elsa and her troupe.  This season is playing out more like American Crime Story.  Edward Morodrake was interesting, but not interesting enough to make up for this season’s short comings.  I’m holding out hope it’ll get better.

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