‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ TV Recap

S4E6 'Pink Cupcakes'

Stanley has an idea to make some serious cash.  He plans to kill the members of Elsa’s troupe and sell the corpses to the Morbidity Museum.  Esmeralda, or Maggie, is hesitant until she’s promised a bigger cut.  She promises to keep working over Jimmy while Stanley works on Elsa.  Maggie continues to woo Jimmy.  He’s tries to kiss her but she rejects him. As he storms off, Maggie can’t help but wonder if she lost her way into the troupe.


Gloria wakes up to find Dora’s body.  She’s hysterical as Dandy comes in.  Gloria is no fool, she knows what Dandy did.  He tries to apologize and offer to help hide the body.  As Gloria hatches a plan to cover for Dandy, Stanley continues his own plan.  He pretends to be a talent scout and offer Elsa a TV deal.  She turns it down, refusing to give into the draw of television.  Later, she performs and is booed off stage.  She reconsiders Stanley’s offer.


Jimmy goes on a mission to find Dell.  It’s assumed he’s off on a bender.  Jimmy checks the trailer and finds Desiree.  Desiree is feeling down so Jimmy tries to cheer her up.  They begin to make out.  Jimmy notices Desiree is bleeding.  She is taken to the doctor and discovers she’s not a hermaphrodite, she just has an enlarged clitoris.  She can actually have babies.  She’s overjoyed.  She later informs Dell she wants to have the surgery to be a woman and have babies.    He pretends to be overjoyed but he’s actually angry.  Dell is gay and doesn’t want Desiree to change.  She leaves vowing they are over.

Dandy decides his world is just beginning.  He decides he is going to be the world’s best serial killer.  His first hunting ground is a gentlemen’s club that caters to men.  He draws one of the escorts, Andy to Twisty’s old bus.  After some foreplay, Dandy attacks Andy.  Killing someone isn’t as easy as Dandy thinks.  Things go rough for a bit, but Dandy cleans up the mess and hides the body.

hiding the body

Dandy’s problems are over but Gloria finds a new problem.  Dora’s daughter, Regina (guest star Gabourey Sidibe) calls.  Gloria tries to put her off by asking what kind of mother she’s seen as. Regina gets uncomfortable and hangs up.  Gloria turns around to see Dandy covered in blood.  His killing spree has just begun.

I’m really not digging these current plot twists.  So Dell is gay? I’m not sure the reasoning behind this.  I can only imagine how hard it would be for a tough guy like Dell to wrestle with his sexuality.  Did the writers really choose Dell to be gay because they thought it’d be interesting?  Or did they just pick a character at random?  I have no idea where this is going with Dandy.  How far are they going with his story?  This season is becoming one huge mess.

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  • Josh Millican
    7 November 2014 at 6:31 pm - Reply

    The pink cupcakes theme with Bette and Dot was creepy but kind of confusing. First, that shot of a dead Dot and Bette screaming, “It hurts!” was gut wrenching! But then the who thing… didn’t happen? So that scene with the heads in a jar, was that just Stanley’s fantasy, or is that a glimpse into the future?

    • Dylan Patton
      7 November 2014 at 11:18 pm - Reply

      I think he was day dreaming. I was confused too. I sat there thinking ‘Okay, are they dead or alive?’