‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ TV Recap

S4E7: 'Test of Strength'

Jimmy arrives to take the twins back home.  Dandy won’t allow it while Gloria says they are free to leave if they wish.  Dandy tries to convince them to stay.  Dot warns Bette that Dandy isn’t who he pretends to be.  The twins decide to leave with Jimmy.  Dandy is furious, seconds away from exploding.

Elsa is unhappy that the twins are back.  Jimmy and the others are furious with her for lying about the twins.  As they confront Elsa, the twins cover for Elsa.  They back her story.  The bad news keeps coming as Ethel and Desiree discover the doctor is dead.  His daughter is taking over and wants nothing to do with ‘freaks.’


Stanley has a new plan and needs Dell’s help. He knows Dell’s gay.  He wants Dell to help him with his scheme.  If Dell cooperates, Stanley will keep Dell’s secret.  He gives him one day to bring him one of the troupe members to the barn.

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Dell chooses Amazon Eve, the World’s Tallest Woman as his first victim.  She beats the crap out of him and tosses him out of her trailer.  She then goes to Ethel and Jimmy and tells them what happened.  Jimmy wants to go to the cops, but Ethel knows the cops can’t help. This has to be dealt with from the inside.  Ethel knows Dell has to die. Ehtel vows that if Jimmy doesn’t handle him, she and Eve will.


Elsa is grateful for the Twins’ loyalty, but she wants to know what’ll it take.  The twins want to have more money and more prestige.  Elsa seems too eager to agree.  I have a feeling she’s up to something.  Dell is also being sneaky as he and Jimmy share several drinks.  Jimmy warns Dell Ethel and the ladies are coming for him.  Jimmy doesn’t like Dell but thinks there’s been enough violence.

Dell decides it’s time.  He’s about to strike when Jimmy breaks down crying.  He knows that Dell is his father, he wants Dell to admit it.  Dell finally admits it and helps Jimmy get home safely.
However, Stanley appears and reminds Dell of their deal.  Penny also has family problems when her father warns her what’ll happen if she continues to see Paul.  Her father decides to give her a ‘proper send-off.’  He has her face heavily tattooed and her tongue forked.

Dell finds his target, Ma Petite.  He’s hesitant to kill her, but if he’s doesn’t kill her, Jimmy will be next.  He delivers Ma Petite to the museum. More darkness arrives when Paul sees what happened to Penny.  He vows to get revenge.  Although Jimmy wanted peace, violence is coming.

I’m still not feeling this season.  Dell should’ve killed Stanley.  I don’t see how Stanley could blackmail Dell.  Stanley is a conman.  He does have a little charm, but I don’t think he could get a mob to go after Dell.  Replacing Maggie with Dell was a step back.  This whole season has involved plan B moments.    I think this season would’ve played out better if Elsa and her troupe were actually demons or vampires.  I have no idea how this season is going to end.  I hope this season pulls of a hail marry and soon.

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  • Josh Millican
    23 November 2014 at 8:38 pm - Reply

    Penny’s “send-off” was definitely the HOLY SHIT moment of the show. Everyone is up in arm over the death of Mon Petite but I’m still mourning Twisty. When he first left to join the lost soul, it seemed like Dandy was poised to take over as the new Evil Clown. It was as though wearing Twisty’s mask gave him that extra push he needed to become a true psychopath. Instead, it’s all dropped like it never happened–like it wasn’t one of the main plot points! Yeah I’m pissed. I think this season lost it’s way the moment the wrote out Twisty. There are so many Evil Clowns in the intro, but none left on the show. BRING BACK EVIL CLOWNS. BRING BACK EVIL CLOWNS.