‘American Horror Story Freak Show’ TV Recap

S4E8: 'Blood Bath'

Gloria is speaking to a psychiatrist about Dandy.  Dandy has always been ‘spirited.’  She refuses to even think of sending him to an institution.  When he was a kid, Dandy had an evil streak.  It’s getting worse and she doesn’t know what to do.  The doctor decides it’s time to meet Dandy and see what’s the best course of action.


Dell and Jimmy are searching for Ma Petite.  Jimmy and the troupe are worried.  Dell is playing his part well.  He knows damn well what happened to her.  Jimmy finds her clothes near a river, just like Dell planned.  Dell offers the explanation that an animal got her.  Later, Ethel brings her soup and tells Elsa about her ‘performance.’  Ethel isn’t buying the act.  She knows Elsa cares more about the spotlight than her friends.  Elsa is enraged at the notion.  Elsa wants the twins to testify to her innocence but Ethel sent them away.

It’s time to put an end to Elsa’s crimes.  Ethel holds a gun on Elsa as she offers to share a drink.  She pours a drink, then throws a knife killing Ethel.  Elsa knows her to cover her tracks.  She stages a suicide.  The troupe is skeptical, but they all knew she was sick.  Stanley and Maggie seem to know the truth so they play along.  After all, Stanley helped Elsa stage the crash.  Stanley may be an ass, but even he knows the true meaning behind Elsa’s actions.

Regina has come to see her mother.  Dandy has tried to tell her the truth.  Gloria backs up Dandy.  Regina isn’t buying it.  She decides to stay until her mother comes home.  More trouble is arising.  During Ethel’s funeral, Desiree, Penny and Eve decide to avenge Ethel.  No more suffering violence.  The time for revenge is at hand.  Regina is taking matters into her own hands as well.  Dandy strikes a deal: kill Regina and he’ll go to the doctor as long as Gloria wants.


Penny wants to take care of her father herself.  But the ladies of the troupe want to help.  They see her as family and they take care of their own.  She and her sisters pay her father a visit.  They knock him out and take him away.  They locked him in a trailer and torture him.  Maggie hears his screams and comes to the rescue.  Maggie pleads with them telling them killing Penny’s father will make matters worse.  Penny lets him live but warns him to stay away.

Dandy isn’t as merciful.  He kills Gloria.  He’s killed the one person that was trying to help him.  I think he now has free reign.  Jimmy is also falling apart at the seams.  Maggie is trying to put him on the right track.  She’s trying to get him to see the troupe needs him.  He pushes her away and she walks away.  It appears the romance between the two might be over.  Even worse, Dandy decides to celebrate the murder of his mother with a bath made of blood.

Blood bath

I’m assuming the theme of this song is ‘Deep down we’re all monsters.’  I was really intrigued and confused by the ghost episodes.  Edward Morodrake was an intriguing character, but was only around for a couple of episodes.  Other than Morodrake, there is no other supernatural element.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see how Dandy’s killing spree plays out.

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  • Josh Millican
    6 December 2014 at 12:23 am - Reply

    Where the fuck is this season going??? It started out as the best AHS yet, but it’s just been baffling me lately. All the best characters (except Dandy) are gone! Twisty, Morodrake, Mon Petite, The Twins, and now Ethel and Gloria! Da FUCK? Okay the Lizard Lady getting revenge on her papa and Dandy’s bloodbath were cool, but the majority of this episode is blah blah blah.

    And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, can I get back on my soapbox for a moment? Why did they get rid of Twisty??? When you create perhaps the greatest, most nuanced evil clowns in the history of horror, you don’t get rid of him after four fucking episodes! Come on geniuses!