‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ TV Recap

S4E10: 'Orphans'

Pepper’s husband, Salty has passed away in his sleep.  The troupe is trying its best to comfort Pepper.  Stanley is trying to comfort Elsa.  He clearly wants Elsa out of the way.  It seems he wants to take Pepper away.  Stanley’s idea of a ‘proper burial’ for Salty is to dismember his corpse and send it to the museum.

In the past, Elsa was part of a troupe.  However, she hated following orders and took it upon herself to form her own troupe.  Pepper was the first freak she brought on board.  Elsa became the ‘mother’ of the troupe.  Soon, an entourage of royalty from India came to visit,.  They brought with them the world’s smallest woman.  Elsa was able to obtain the woman by giving away three cases of Dr. Pepper.  Pepper was able to take care of Ma Petite.  But she wanted a companion.  Elsa found Salty at a home for wayward boys.  Pepper and Salty were married shortly after.

Maggie is upset about losing Jimmy.  Her grief is cut short by the entrance of Desiree and her friend, Angus.  Maggie gives a realistic reading which upsets Desiree and Angus.  Desiree follows Maggie and confronts her.  Maggie tells her the truth about her and Stanley.  Maggie assures her that she and Stanley are only stealing from the customers.  Desiree doesn’t care about she and Stanley stealing from the customers.  She warns Maggie to stay away from her people.


Stanley visits Jimmy in jail to ask about the murders.  Jimmy doesn’t remember much.  He was so drunk he only remembers bits and pieces.  Stanley gives the name of a brilliant lawyer that can help but it’ll be very expensive.  He knows of a way Jimmy can get the money.  He’s found the perfect addition to the musuem.

Jimmy jail

Maggie takes Desiree and shows her Ma Petite’s body.  Desiree is horrified.  It’s only a matter of time before the kill is found.  Maggie wants someone to know the truth in case anything happens to her.  Maggie is in for a shock when she learns the museum’s newest addition is Jimmy’s hands.

Rita, Pepper’s sister, is sitting down with a nun, Sr. Mary Eunice.  She revealed she once gave birth a boy, Lucas, who was born with a deformity. After taking Pepper in, she was eager to help with the baby.  Larry seemed to take a liking to Pepper.  Rita finally reveals that Pepper is a killer.  The truth is that Rita and Larry hatched a plot.  They would kill the baby and frame Pepper.  Pepper was taken away and sent to an asylum.  Sr. Eunice took a liking to Pepper and helped her adjust.  Pepper seems to be safe.  The other members of the troupe are still in danger.

Sr. Eunice

It was interesting to see Pepper’s back story.  It’s beyond terrible that her own sister framed her for murder.  I wonder if we’ll see more of Pepper before the end of the season.  Maggie seems to want to help the troupe.  Is she being honest, or will continue to help Stanley?  It seems Neil Patrick Harris will be joining the cast soon.  From the looks of it, he seems to be just as deranged as Dandy.  It’s getting towards the end of the season.  How do you people think it’ll end?

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  • Josh Millican
    19 December 2014 at 5:19 pm - Reply

    Okay, first my complaints (you know I got some): If you’re not going to bring Twisty back, don’t give us an episode without Dandy! Next to Twisty, Dandy’s the best character on the freakin’ show!

    I gotta admit, I really liked Pepper’s back-story and the cross-over with Asylum. Ultimately, it just reminded me how superior Asylum is to Freakshow.