Animal Planet to Adapt Comic Series “The Other Dead”

The Animal-Based Zombie Series Is Expected in 2016

For a good decade now, a zombie outbreak has been spreading across narrative media: movies, TV, comics, and literature have all felt the bite. Most recently, Animal Planet has contracted the infection; Variety reports that the cable network has optioned the IDW comic series The Other Dead, with a 2016 premier as their target.

The comic, about a plague of zombies in the animal kingdom, debuted in September of 2013. According to an interview at Comic Book Resources, the project originated as a film treatment by Digger Mensch (“Agent 88,” “X-Men”), who collaborated on the title with writer Joshua Ortega (“Gears of War,” “X-Men,”), interior artist Qinq Ping Mui (“The Grim Ghost,” “Doc Savage”), and cover artist Kevin Eastman (co-creator of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle”).

Ortega anticipates “some serious undead fun” from the Lousiana-based story, which features threats not just from zombie animals, but also from the kinds of severe storms that have struck the region in real life.

Zombies, comic adaptations, and even the union of zombie comic adaptations are all very hot right now, and this latest take promises something a little different, and very exciting!

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